F(x) : Red Light MV + Live Perfomance + Red Light Album Download

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Ay ay it's a red light light ~~ One of the underrated group is baaack!

Red light teasers picked the interest of the fans since they published B&W individual photos starting off with Krystal. Fans were anticipating it since F(x) teasers have this tendency of not having any relation with the MV itself and now I can say the teasers do have a relation with the MV.

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Red Light's something new yet something old for f(x), the rhythm's somewhat familiar yet it has a new thing in it. The concept is somewhat military goth pirate ish which reminds me of Japanese fashion. F(x) ladies were very pretty with their quirky eye makeup, black and white clothes and some loud some tame hair colors.  I think this time Amber's gonna keep her promise in trying to do a girly concept and I believe it's true since she wore short shorts not as short as Krystal's and Sulli's but still short in her standards.  Get it? We were used to blonde Amber but now she's a redhead and Krystal has the same hairstyle as Suho.  I smell Sustal conspiracy here. 

 credits : Skpb K-POP Live

The comeback performance was great! They also did Milk which I believe is included in their anticipated album. THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL in their Red Light performance especially Sulli, puberty made her more beautiful and sexy. I believe she has almost if not the same body as Krystal now. How come maknaes nowadays are sporting sexy look while hyungs/noonas sport the cute ones. hmmm? Enjoy the performance and I would love to hear from you guys~

Anywho, in less than 24 hours,  the girls already gained 1M+ views in their MV. I really believe these girls need a big break! As much as I love EXO, well not that anymore since Kris decides to leave, these girls need to be promoted as often as possible. They debuted 5 years ago but still they don't have a concert on their own unlike EXO who only debuted 2 years agonand now they have their own concert tour. HOW UNFAIR IS THAT? Really. Aish. 

Congratulations to the girls and I hope SM will treat them right and give them the attention they deserve. 

I'll update this post on July 7 when I get my hands on the link of the album.

Sorry guys, EXO will be the first and last group I'll bias from SME. I can't afford to have another heartbreak. I was an almost Cassie, I think I don't deserve to be called a Cassie since I don't memorize all their songs and watch their perfs and shows but still I listen to their music and I was hurt when I learned that SME is not treating them right and TVXQ broke up. With that even though I like Shinee so much I decided not to be a Shawol but still listen to their music then EXO came, then you know what happened.  Sorry for the emotional rant/entry.

and as promised, I give to you the link where you can download the album for free but guys if you really really love f(x), purchase their album if you have extra money.

Red Light Album Download
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