Snoe : Scrumptious Body Spritz in Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch Review

I'm back for a quick review about Snoe products. This time I'm going to talk about their Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch body spritz.

I have been a fan of cologne ever since I can remember, whenever my relatives in the US would ask me on what I want to receive as a gift, I always say cologne regardless of smell or brand. But as the years go by, I have my own favorite scents and brands but I always make it to a point to try different ones.

I prefer citrusy or clean scented ones during summer and flowery scents during rainy seasons. I admit I was not a fan of vanilla scent until my cousin gave me a small bottle of Anna Sui eau de toi and boy I was hooked. I really love the smell of sweet vanilla, I find it as a sweet scent with a hint of innocence. This scent somehow reminds me of BBW Vanilla Noel and their Brown Sugar series.

 I find their scents familiar yet there's this something new added to it. I recommend this scent to those people who are fond of sweet sugary scents as their cologne scent. I also like the fact that the smell stays on your body even after spraying it hours before though it's a but faint.

Pros :
- unique scents
- cheaper alternative to Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secret cologne lovers
- long lasting scent
- back has a sticker with the ingredients on it in big font.

Cons :
- a bit expensive compared to drug store cologne brands (Php 249 - 299 each)
- has only 12 scents to choose from (according to their official website)

If I were still a fan of BBW and VS colognes, I would check this brand out as it's cheaper than the former brand and the scents are unique. Personally I'm interested in their melon scent because the powder counterpart smells really good. As much as I love imported products, it's not bad to support our own local brands which can par international brands one way or the other. I'm also excited on the future scents Snoe will produce soon.

I got this soap as a gift from attending their product launch. Other gifts will be featured here in my blog for the whole month of July as a sign of gratitude.

Don't forget to check out their site and other sns:

Official Website


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