Infinite : Back MV + Be Back Download Album

So many comebacks from different awesome groups that I can't keep up like seriously. Personally, I'm looking forward in Sistar's and JYJ's comeback which will happen soon and I can't wait to write a post about it. Kyaaaa~~ ^-^

Anyhow, I'm spazzing over Infinite today because of their comeback again. I like this MV compared to the other one so I didn't make a post about it. I don't know what's with the word "BACK" that they made it their comeback songs; She's Back and Back. Unlike She's Back, wherein they were cute boy next door boys who enjoy their summer vacation while singing, Back is more on the darker side. Bad ass gangster who were trying to save someone close to them. The MV somehow reminds me of Wolf by EXO but a bit more mature in a sense that they give off that kind of aura and they were not school boys in the MV.

At first I thought WTH, the MV does not suit the song since the first minute of the song was ballad-ish and the MV was all about fighting and blood bath. But as the song progresses, you somehow understand why it's like that and I firmly believe that there's a second MV RIGHT? I mean you can't tease us like that Woolim nim.

I shall post the MV first since the release of the album will be tomorrow, I will update this post when I get my hands on the full album link. As of the meantime, enjoy the MV and the MV rip mp3. See you soon, inspirits!~

Inspirits can also download the 720p HD MV here. On the other hand, the repackaged album entitled Be Back can be downloaded here.
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