JYJ : Back Seat MV + Just Us Album Download

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Put you on my backseat~ Ever since I saw the MV hours ago and of course raped the replay button, I'll never look at the backseat the same ever again.  

I missed JYJ and I'm thankful that they made a comeback. Maybe this will be the last song Jae oppa will perform before he will enlist in the army and he will be missed.

JYJ never failed to own the song and I really love how their voices sync and make any song amazing. Is it me or whenever I hear Jae oppa sing it's as if he's moaning. Sorry for the byuntae mode but really. His voice is sexually attractive if that's even possible. The song's upbeat but it still emphasizes their wonderful voices. Whenever they dance, it reminds me of TVXQ days T____T. 

 I find the song sexy at the same time romantic. I think the song is all about lovers being comfortable with each other, in a sense that you don't need to be shy with your feelings, be open to me about it. Tell me on my backseat where no one can hear you but me like that kind of thing. There's also the assurance that in the backseat is our secret place where no one can judge you because I'm here for you all the way. Also, the lyrics are very detailed in a sense that you think the lyricist wrote a story not a song. For a visual person like me, I can imagine the lyrics in my mind because of the details.

At first you'll find the song easy to follow and good to hear but as you get to listen to it again you'll get addicted to it and I'm sure you'll click replay button again and again.
I'm excited to listen to their whole album and see if I'll have any more favorites. I'll cut my review short because I need to spazz on the whole album.

Download the whole album here. Don't forget to buy the physical album or in iTunes if you have extra money to support our JYJ oppas~!And download the HQ version of the MV in mp4 format here.
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