Sistar : Touch my Body MV + Touch & Move Album Download

cr :

One of my most anticipated comeback is finally happening!!! Unlike their sexy sultry image in Give It to Me, Touch my Body has a similar vibe to Loving U. It's fun and has this summer vibe but Touch my Body is more sexy and colorful compared to Loving U. Sexy in a way that they wore sexy outfits and swimsuits yet I don't find it sexually attractive but I find it sexy and cute. Wow too many sexy in that statement~

As expected in Sistar, the more you listen to their song, the more you want to play it in repeat and I have been doing it as of the moment. I will listen to their whole album when I get sick of Touch my Body. HAHA

Bora is like a living Barbie Doll in this MV with her orange wavy beach lock and purple contacts. Makes me want to purchase purple contacts and see if I can be like her. Soon~ Since I recently purchased 3 lenses. Their mini album is really mini since it has only 6 tracks and you can download it here but please if you love Sistar so much, also buy their album. The HQ mp4 version of their MV can be downloaded here.

So I'll stop writing since I want to spazz more. See you soon yeorobun~~ <3
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