Hey Mickey!

During lazy days, I end up wearing loose dress shirts. I paired it up with black cut offs but decided to wear it as a dress in this post since my thighs are so big it will give you nightmares. HAHA.

I wore this during my mini post birthday celebration since I didn't really celebrated my birthday this year because my parents were away and I always do celebrate with them and it was my 2nd time not celebrating it with them. It feels lonely. We had Korean dinner that night and I indulged myself in tteokbokki and in Korean chicken in my fave Korean resto, Seoul Ga,  which I believe is the best in the city. The resto is owned by a middle aged korean couple, so you really know that the food is authentic. Around the city, I only like this Korean restaurant because they serve their food the way it was suppose to be, spicy. Though you can request to lessen up the spiciness.Other restos end up disappointing me because they serve not so spicy Korean food, I can name them.

That night I also saw a kpop seller unnie. She was eating there but we were too shy to approach each other that we just texted our greetings. Also I tied my hair into a messy bun that time because you can't have any hair flying everywhere when you're eating your fave food. 

Bought this beanie because I was inspired by 2NE1, Dara and Minzy wearing neon beanies in their MVs and live perfs and I got it for only Php95 or about $2. Also I lost my yellow beanie I think I misplaced it for 6 months now because we changed houses when the year started.

The boots were from Bugis Street. As much as I want to wear high cut boots, it would make my legs chunkier so I opted to buy the low cut ones.

 Dress shirt : Disney | Beanie : Gmall | Glasses : Thailand | Boots : Bugis Street

Actually, that night I wore double mickey. Mickey dress shirt and Mickey socks. Cute right?

So, you can be lazy at the same time be cute and comfortable with your outfit. So how do you dress up during your lazy days?

Don't forget to hype up my outfit in lookbook~
*posted this outfit in lookbook days ago but did not post it here since I am experimenting on different formats on how to improve my lookbook photos since I find my own personal photos so-so, and I'm glad I finally found a way to make my lookbook photos somewhat decent.

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