My First Belo Experience

"Your skin is your best accessory".

Nowadays, you don't need to be born with amazing skin but you need time, effort and money to have one. Skin is the largest organ of the body so people will naturally see it first. Taking care of your skin 
will also make you look younger, I believe it's better to take care of your skin as early as possible. Prevention is better than cure right?

One way of taking care of your skin is by regularly exfoliating it by body scrub. 

What is Body Scrub?

Body Scrub is a popular body treatment that is like a facial for your body.It exfoliates and hydrates your skin leaving it smooth and soft like a baby.Basically it removes dead skin cells.

There are a lot of body scrubs you can buy at beauty bars these days and do it at home but why are there beauty clinics that are still offering this kind service? It's because they are completely 
different. I'll share to you why.

I tried Belo's Body Scrub with Bleach and I must admit it feels totally different when I do body scrub at home.

As soon as you enter Belo Medical Clinic which is located at the 2nd Floor Abreeza Mall, you feel like a VIP. If you're a first time customer, you need to fill up a basic information form for their 
records. They offer you drinks and snacks for free.What I do is I call them days before and set an appointment.

Unlike other spa or clinic, you have a room to yourself. They provide disposable shower cap and underwear so you don't have to worry about being naked under the towel and keep your hair from 
getting wet or body scrub particles sticking.Since I'm not comfortable showing my body to other people, I dim the lights. I also makes me more relaxed. 

With Belo Medical Clinic, their body scrub is a combination of sea salt/sugar with essential oils.Sea salt, derived from evaporated seawater, is also chock full of minerals beneficial to the skin. When mixed with olive, almond or rosehip oil, salt can breathe new life into tired skin.

The therapist starts putting the sea salt/sugar mixture onto your skin and gently rub it in circular motions. Dead skin cells harden with age so the longer they lie on your skin, the harder they get. 

Trust me, after this treatment, it will leave your skin shiny and moist. The abrasive action associated with salt scrubs invigorates skin and helps improve circulation. In addition, it also encourages 
regeneration. Removing dead skin cells promotes the growth of new healthy skin. 

Sea Salt/ Sugar Body Scrub

Regeneration process tightens skin, giving it a firmer and younger looking appearance. Also, it reduces skin discoloration, evening out skin tone and improve its texture.

Benefits of Body Scrub

1. Makes skin smooth and soft
2. Improve blood circulation
3. Help fight cellulites
4. Improve skin tone
5. Reduces skin pores sizes

Belo Intensive Whitening Bar

After, the therapist will ask you to wash your body using Belo Intensive Whitening Soap which is also provided. It contains Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid which is known to lighten visible sun 
damage, age spots or scars and removes stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other lightening ingredients respectively.

Sample Size of Belo Illuminating Cream
Belo will also give you a sample size of their Illuminating Cream which contains Alpha Arbutin and Liquorice which also helps whiten skin and fades blemishes. The Illuminating Cream instantly whitens your skin, it's like a body makeup with benefits. You can buy their Illuminating Cream separately, it has 2 sizes, 250 grams and 500 grams.

Belo Illuminating Cream 500 grams

Belo Body Scrub with Bleach is available in all clincs. 

Procedure takes about 45 minutes and can be done as often as one to two times a week.

Be Belofied today and book your appointment.

You can book an appointment online or visit their clinics

Belo Abreeza Mall Davao located at the 2nd Floor is open from Monday to Saturday (10am to 9pm) and Sunday (12nn to 7pm). 

You can also call them at 296-2356, 0998 966 6294 and 0917 536 0794.


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