Snoe : Oh My Wash! The Movie Star Intimate Wash Review

At first I was not so sure if I should publish this post since I am kind of awkward about this product. I'm not even sure if people do review this kind of product since it's kind of private but I'll do my best to make a review about this since this is my first time reviewing for this kind of product. I'm talking about feminine wash guys. Personally I only buy feminine wash I see on the groceries or on TV because I feel they can be trusted and most women use them so why not use them also?

But unlike other women I don't use feminine was everyday. Why? Because I know someone who uses them everyday and hers got irritated so she went to the OB and asked why she felt uneasy and why did it et irritated when she's very meticulous in cleaning her area. The OB told her that it was very clean that's why it was irritated and when she told me that story I was like seriously? Our intimate area also needs some bacteria explanation kind of thing she told me so therefore I use it every other day but when my monthly period comes, I use it as often as I need it.

I prefer minty ones but the one I got reminds me of strawberry and the packaging is so cute! Pin up girls are always cute and sexy. But I don't like the design of the bottle because when the product's almost used up you need to position the bottle upside down to use the remains. I think it's easier to put the lid at the bottom so that the liquid will always be there so you don't need to wait for it to come down and use it. Just my opinion really.

You just need to put a little amount since it produces a lot like lots of bubbles.

Pros :
- 4 variants to choose from
- cute packaging

Cons :
- bit expensive compared to other brands
- bottle design in not ideal for the product

Almost all Snoe products are more expensive than the regular over the counter or drugstore brands maybe because they use more expensive ingredients? Also it's more than the average products so your money's really worth it. They produce safe products that use Philippine ingredients to help our community. When searching for a perfect product for you, sometimes you don't need to look afar or splurge on expensive brands, you just need to look at new products in the local market and try them yourself because we have different opinions about the products.

I suggest if you're really curious about Snoe and hesitant to buy online, go to their kiosk at Abreeza Mall Davao and ask their SA about what products they could suggest for your needs. I promise their SA's one of the best. They're so knowledgeable about each product and you know they underwent good training.

So this ends my Snoe journey for the month of July and hopefully this is just the beginning. See you!~

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