Revolutionizing Design: Porsche Design and HONOR Unite to Integrate Cutting-Edge Technologies with Functional Design

The luxury lifestyle brand Porsche Design and the leading technology company HONOR have announced a strategic collaboration to develop cutting-edge smart devices that fuse cutting-edge technology and outstanding design. With a variety of high-end products, the partnership hopes to provide customers with an opulent and sophisticated electronic experience that captures the best features of both brands.  

"Porsche Design's brand philosophy and HONOR's human-centric design combine to create intelligent luxury products that will accelerate the mobile lifestyle of both tech enthusiasts and Porsche aficionados." George Zhao, HONOR's chief executive officer, stated, "This long-term partnership with Porsche Design creates exciting new opportunities to bolster our growth in markets around the world."  

The world's first all-black wristwatch and the original designer of the iconic Porsche 911, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, were featured on the teaser poster for this limited-edition collaboration, which further heightened the excitement surrounding it. The poster honored Porsche's design heritage while emphasizing the aim of becoming a future classic. 

As both Porsche and HONOR aspire to lead the contemporary luxury smart device market, Stefan Buescher, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Lifestyle Group, believes that the exclusive partnership with HONOR marks a significant milestone for the continued growth of Porsche Design's iconic electronics product portfolio.  

In January 2024, HONOR and Porsche Design will launch their first collaboratively developed smart device in China. 

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