Gift Ideas for E-Bike Lovers: Your HATASU E-Bike Gift Guide

It's a festive time of year! Getting an ebike for your everyday transportation needs is the perfect way to treat yourself. Here are three (3) reasons for you to do so!

1.Budget Friendly Vehicle Alternative 

The HATASU ebikes are more economical and will save you a lot of money, especially if you frequently travel short distances, than cars or motorcycles because they cost less than P70,000 while providing the same features as a traditional vehicle. There are also a variety of installment choices.

2.No gas needed

As gas prices rise, more people are looking for other ways to get around. Since ebikes run on electricity, they don't require gas! Consequently, you can continue to meet your riding needs and save money.

3.Lower maintenance cost

Typically, ebike batteries don't need to be changed for two to three years. Compared to the monthly maintenance costs of owning a conventional gas-powered car, this is comparatively less expensive.

Choosing the best e-bike can be difficult with so many options available, but fear not! Because based on your lifestyle, we have identified an ebike brand that offers a range of models for you to choose from.

The mobility solution brand HATASU ebike is starting to make a name for itself in the community. Their goal is to offer sustainable, cost-effective, and safe products that cater to the needs of each and every Filipino. They have everything you need, whether it's a car for community, business, school, or family use!

We've put up a thorough list below to help you choose which HATASU ebike best suits your needs and budget.

P20,000-P25,000 Budget: HATASU KUMI 2023, best for students and young professionals always on the go!

Are you a young professional or student who needs to cut expenses but is sick of making the daily commute?

We suggest the KUMI 2023, a two-wheeled ebike that will make commuting to work or school hassle-free. It's a straightforward, user-friendly e-bike with all the features you require. Its specifications include a lead-acid battery, a maximum speed of 25 kph, and a range of up to 40–50 km. This feature makes it ideal for those who only need a car for short-distance errands that need to be completed locally. Not only is it easier to maintain, but finding parking would not be a problem! If you're not familiar with the specifications, the KUMI 2023 has a 110kg front basket that you can use to store your bags and other belongings.

There are two colorways available for the KUMI 2023: All Black and Black/Red.

P26,000-P30,000 Budget: HATASU NERO Lite, the two-wheeler upgrade you need!

Perhaps you already own a bike or motorbike, but you need to save money on gas and maintenance, or you're just tired of pedaling yourself everywhere. It's time for an ebike upgrade with the NERO Lite if you can identify with this!

With features like a speed selector that allows you to adjust the ebike's speed, a park button that keeps it safely stationary when parked even on hills or steep roads, and a sturdy digital display that lets you see panel information like mileage, speed, and battery status clearly even in the middle of the day. The NERO Lite is a good and affordable substitute for delivery riders because it also has an underseat compartment and an extra backseat with a backrest so that a second passenger can travel with you or it can be converted to hold delivery boxes.

Three color options are available for the NERO Lite: Red, White, and Grey.

P35,000-P40,000 Budget: HATASU HARU, the compact three-wheeler for everyJuan!

This one is quite intriguing now! A three-wheeled e-bike is typically thought of as a tricycle designed to seat three to four people. However, what if you simply require an e-bike for yourself? And you're incapable of riding a bike properly? With its HARU ebike, HATASU has you covered even in this particular circumstance.

The HARU is a small three-wheeled vehicle with a backseat for an extra passenger. With its features designed for beginners, even someone who has never driven an e-bike before can get on and use it with ease! It also features a front basket, a wider footboard, a cushioned saddle seat, a powerful 500W differential motor, and a load capacity of 180 kg.

The HARU comes in Red/Black colorway.

P50,000-P60,000 Budget: HATASU MAKO 2, best cost-saving vehicle for families!

Families are better off with the MAKO 2, but singles are better off with the two-wheeler ebikes. It is safe for families to use and can accommodate up to three people at a time thanks to its many family-friendly features, which include a motorcycle suspension fork that adjusts for bumps and uneven roads, a stainless front fender that resists corrosion, and a larger front wheel that improves traction on the road. It is useful for parents to pick up their children from school and to run errands to the grocery store, dry cleaner, bank, and other places. Because the MAKO 2 can transport them anywhere, at any time, families will also undoubtedly have a great weekend! It could be the park, the restaurant, or the mall.

The MAKO 2 comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Grey.

P60,000-P65,000 Budget: HATASU HERO, the multi-use, easy go ebike for everyone!

The brand's newest three-wheeler, the HERO ebike, was just introduced and is intended to meet the riding needs of every Filipino. Whether for use in the home, workplace, community, or for running errands, the HERO seeks to be the most useful substitute for other mobility tools.

The Hero undoubtedly saves the day with its exceptional Dual Eagle-Eye Headlight, which is 3X brighter than regular ones and visible even in broad daylight, a Front Splash Guard (ABS Plastic Cover), and a sturdy Patented Leather Roof and Back Cover that will shield you from heat, rain, and even pollution!

In keeping with its slogan, "Multi-Ride, Easy Use," the HERO has several storage options, including an Underseat Compartment that can accommodate up to 150 kg and a Back Compartment that can accommodate up to 20 kg. Additionally, it features a 12V converter that reduces the power consumption of the tail light, signal lights, and wiper without compromising overall performance. The ability to charge your devices via the USB port is another important selling feature; best of all, it barely affects the ebike's battery life.

The HERO comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Grey.

And because it's the holiday season, the company just unveiled its HATASU Holiwheels Christmas Campaign, which is jam-packed with fun activities and deals!

Join in the HATASU HOLIWHEELS RAFFLE PROMO to be one of the 44 winners of their hatasurprize pool, which is worth more than P300,000.

When you buy your ideal HATASU ebike between November 15 and December 31, 2023, at all of their participating stores and authorized dealers nationwide—which you can check out using this link—you'll have multiple chances to win. Join us on a holiday adventure with HATASU ebike. Make sure to read this post (link) to learn how to sign up.


Starting on November 15 (or while supplies last), you can receive extra freebies and raffle entries with every purchase of any HATASU ebike! You can click this link to learn more. Even the recently released HERO has a P1,790 HATASU Gift Box included!

Take advantage of the HATASU CHRISTMAS CARAVAN to experience HATASU!

In keeping with their goal of making electric mobility accessible to all, the brand is expanding the HATASU experience across the country, allowing enthusiasts to test drive the ebikes of their dreams and take part in freebie-filled booth activities. HATASU stopped in Pangasinan, Davao, Bohol, and Cabanatuan before ending their caravan. This December 15–16, they will have their stops in Laguna and the NCR. To learn more, visit their Facebook page.

With its installment offers, the HATASU ebike gets even more HOT!

Purchasing a sustainable car doesn't have to break the bank thanks to HATASU ebike. Additionally, consumers of the brand can take advantage of installment plans through Home Credit, AEON Credit Financing, and other in-house financing options from some of the largest dealer stores in the nation, including EMCOR, Home Along, K-Servico, and others!

Interested in getting your very own HATASU ebike? You can inquire at any HATASU Authorized Dealer Stores nationwide or visit the Official HATASU LazMall Store at

For more info and other brand updates, be sure to follow HATASU Philippines on Facebook

Hop On, HATASU Na!

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