Driving Progress: Damosa Land Inc. and PLDT Enterprise Unite to Empower with Digital Solutions

Damosa Land Inc. (DLI) and PLDT Enterprise collaborate to provide affordable, reliable, and scalable local connectivity solutions by moving away from US-based bandwidth. Now that PLDT Enterprise is their main connectivity supplier for their locations in Davao and Cagayan de Oro, DLI is able to take advantage of the simplified voice trunking offered by SIP and the delay-sensitive stability of iGate Premium. This partnership guarantees that DLI's office workspace clients maintain seamless connectivity, which is a testament to PLDT Enterprise's vision and dedication to offering unmatched service with 24/7 Enterprise Service Assurance.

Through the partnership, PLDT Enterprise's iGate Premium was able to offer DLI more affordable, reliable, and scalable connectivity with delay sensitivity, while the SIP optimized the IP network by lowering costs and complicating communications with its ability to operate voice trunking via IP.

With PLDT Enterprise, led by Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head Jay C. Lagdameo, at the forefront of sustainable real estate property development with a trusted client like DLI that offers unique elements that enhance living experience, creating self-sufficient socioeconomic zones, and building modern and innovative workspaces that espouse collaboration and build meaningful connections in Davao and Mindanao Region, the company was able to customize the tools and services to support the developer's specific needs and bring out their vision to future-proof their business.

President Cary F. Lagdameo of Damosa Land Inc. has solidified DLI's position as the top sustainable real estate developer in Mindanao by highlighting the company's unwavering dedication to producing high-caliber, innovative projects. DLI is renowned for integrating unique features into its homes to elevate the living experiences of its clients, such as areas set aside for urban farming, breath-taking views, and an abundance of choices for meeting their basic needs.

After creating an estate and depot that have won numerous awards for innovation and industrial development, and after pledging to satisfy the needs of an ever-expanding market, DLI teamed up with PLDT Enterprise to increase operational effectiveness in order to better compete and prosper in the burgeoning sector.

DLI's modern and creative workspaces, in partnership with PLDT Enterprise, continue to drive economic productivity and business expansion as their locators make the most of opportunities to foster collaboration and create deep connections.

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