Unleash Your Inner Idol with 'K-POP The Show' - JStair-SBS's Exciting New Rhythm Game!

The announcement has been made regarding the release of 'K-POP The Show,' an idol rhythm game created by STARLIKE and distributed by JStair, a Woori-Net (115440) subsidiary.

'K-POP The Show' is a rhythm game with popular K-Pop idol music that was developed in collaboration with SBS Medianet. 

The goal is to get the highest score possible, and each song has missions that allow players to gain extra points. After choosing a song, players hit the notes falling down the screen to gain points and allow them to use items for an enhanced gaming experience.

In addition, the background of the game features video footage from SBS Medianet's music program, "The Show." The game features a number of idol groups that have been brought together on one platform from different talent agencies. It includes 30 songs in total, with 17 of those songs being performed by 12 idol groups. It also includes original songs written especially for this game. Regular updates will provide new music and video every time.

Apart from the varied lineup present in 'K-POP The Show,' the game will encompass captivating tunes from well-known K-Pop acts like AIMERS, BugAboo, 1CHU, MUSTB, and DUSTIN. By incorporating their distinct styles and dynamic performances into the game, these artists provide players with an even more engaging and diverse K-Pop experience. In addition to singing along to their favorite songs, fans of these groups can anticipate engaging with unique content created especially for each group, strengthening the bond between the game and the exciting world of K-Pop.

"The unique aspect of our game is our partnership with 'The Show,' where we integrate show footage into our gaming experience," the JStair Platform development team stated. Furthermore, they expressed, "Our goal is to provide K-pop fans throughout the world with a distinctive and thrilling experience." 

'K-POP The Show' was released in November and is currently available on the iOS (Apple) and Android (AOS) operating systems. 

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