Bean Leaf Davao

BeanLeaf had its first branch in Manila last March 2014, since then branches in Roxas City, Tagaytay, Capiz and Cebu also opened. Some of the branches are company owned while some are franchised. 

"Experience the Difference" is BeanLeaf's tagline wherein they promised to promised their customers a unique taste in every drink they serve.

Luckily for us Davaoenos, Miss Ailea Orpiano was awarded the first franchise here in Mindanao and she decided to open it up at the The Peak, Gaisano Mall. 

BeanLeaf, a Filipino brand coffee shop opened their 1st branch here in Davao City last August 15,2015. I tried some of their best sellers and I'll post my mini review below.

Tuna Kani Sandwich


Fish & Chips

Among the 3 sausages they served namely Frankfurter, Hungarian and Veal Bratwurst. Personally I'm a fan of Hungarian since it's a bit spicy but their Veal Bratwurst was really good. It's one of Davao Bloggers favourite. 

A good pika pika recommended to us was squid fries and fish and chips. I did not get a chance to taste dquid fries due to public demand or rather bloggers demand so I think it's good and I should taste it next time I visit Bean Leaf.

Mixed Berries and Citrus with Malunggay

For Teas, their Mixed Berries and Citrus with Malunggay Fruit Tea are perfect for those who wants something different. Mixed Berries is perfect for cold days, it tastes like wine so it's a good alternative for those who want wine but doesn't want to get "tipsy". Our favourite was Citrus with Malunggay it's refreshing a must drink during summer. Doesn't taste Malunggay or Moringa at all! Perfect sinker would be Nata de Coco. It has green tea so it's healthy.

Bean Leaf Milk Tea with Espresso

BeanLeaf also sells Milk Tea. Their best sellers are BeanLeaf Milk Tea and Okinawa. Bean Leaf has espresso but it tastes sweeter than Okinawa. It tastes more of an iced coffee than milk tea. Okinawa milk tea is ideal to those people who likes their strong tea taste in their milk tea. Just a warning though, if you add pearls as sinker, Okinawa will taste sweet. 

Nutella Overload

Red Velvet

Trademark drinks like Nutella Overload, Red Velvet and Mocha Hazelnut are available to customers who are not huge fans of coffee based drinks. Nutella Overload, a must try to those who likes chocolate drinks. It has choco chunks each sip. 

Mocha Hazelnut

Chocolate Ganache

A cafe can never be a cafe without desserts. Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache and Carrot Muffin were served. Though I'm a Red Velvet fan,Chocolate Ganache won this time. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but this one is not too heavy on chocolate and you can't have just one bite. Carrot Muffin's topping has cream cheese and surprisingly it compliments the carrot muffin a lot!

Carrot Muffin

Follow their instagram and facebook account for updates and upcoming promos. 

For inquiries regarding franchising here in Mindanao, contact : Miss Ailea Orpiano at +639399276026

BeanLeaf Davao
Lower Level of the Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao
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