iKON : Rhythm Ta MV + Airplane MV + Welcome Back Half Album Download

The long awaited debut of iKon has finally come. iKon as a group experienced a lot of hardships starting in 2013 when group A or now known as WINNER was announced as winners through the reality program Who is Next : Win.

Next was the reality program Mix & Match wherein only 7 out of 9 trainees can debut. But the 3 spots were reserved by Bobby, B.I and Jinhwan. The 6 trainees were from Team B while 3 newbies were added. It was difficult for Team B because one of their strength was their teamwork and adding one member can change everything

credits to : OfficialiKON

They released their debut single last September 15 entitled My Type. While their debut album, Welcome Back was split into two parts.

1st part is Debut Half Album followed by Debut Full Album which will be released on November 2.

Their MVs Rhythm Ta and Airplane are opposites since Rhythm Ta is more iKon with all the hiphop vibe from the song and MV while Airplane makes you melancholic but it makes fans see iKon in a different light that they can also do different genres. Can't wait to see more of iKon.

iKON Welcome Back Half Album Download

Rhythm Ta MV Download

Airplane MV Download
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