Big Bang Made in Manila Part 1

073015 is really a memorable date for me.

I attended Big Bang's MADE concert tour in Manila. It was a surreal moment for me since it was my dream since 2012. I was really really sad I didn't attend their Alive concert in Manila due to financial reasons.

My savings at that time was only enough to buy VIP ticket and since I live in Davao, I need to buy plane ticket inorder to go to Manila plus accommodation and pocket money so financially it was impossible at that time. My parents do not support me being a fangirl so merchandises, albums and all related to kpop are bought by my own money. Also, I asked for a different graduation gift so asking for a concert ticket last minute was not possible.I was so bitter I didn't attend the concert that until today, I didn't view any fancam from that concert.

Part 1 of my fan diary is done. See you on part 2~

Fancam links~

We Like 2 Party
GD Solo Rap
Doom Da Da
If You
Bae Bae

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