ZenFestival Davao 2015


Being intrigued with Zenfone for months now, when Zenfone invited some bloggers I immediately said yes in a heartbeat. I really wanted to try their phones and was wondering why people rave about them so much. I believe experience is the best teacher. 

ZenFestival Davao is a quarterly event wherein they gather Zenfone users , have fun and games as a way of saying thank you for supporting Zenfone. I think Asus is the only company that does these kind of events.

They introduced their phones like Zenfone 2 Deluxe, Zenfone 2, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 and Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 . 

Asus caters to the needs of different people. Zenfone 2 Deluxe is ideal to people who wants 128GB MLC ROM, that's equal to almost 25 Full HD Movie or 64 heavy mobile games while Zenfone 2 laser is ideal to those people who want good phone that's affordable.  


I like how active Zenfone community is. Users interact with each other, giving each other advises on how to utilize their phones to their maximum potential. Rather than searching on google about how to, they can just make a Zentalk account and interact with co users nationwide. 

Zenfone create phones that is well rounded. They innovate phones with latest technology without the heavy price tag.


Can't help my goofball self from posting this almost unrealistic but funny photo of mine.

My personal crush would be the Zen Selfie in Blue. As a selfie or selca addict, it's experiencing heaven on earth. I don't need use Camera 360 anymore. It can make your face smooth so that any kind of blemishes would be erased, make your eyes bigger which is a dream for frustrated ulzzangs like me, the cheeks reduction to make my face slimmer are some of the best features of Zen Selfie. The fact that it has 13mp front camera makes the phone even more beautiful.  

Photos below are taken with Zenfone Selfie.

For more details about the phone specs, visit asus.com

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Grab your Zenfone now and see you guys next ZenFestival!
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