Browhaus Davao [ My 1st Browhaus Experience]


Brows speak louder than words.

They say brows can either make or break a look. Well for me, i guess it's a break. I am a beauty junkie, yes but I have not mastered the art of making brows, alongside with fake lashes and eye shadows.


As soon as I became brow conscious if there is such term, I let other people take care of it for me. It's either threading or shaping using a blade. Usually it's the blade method because it's less painful though hair will grow back 1 week after. My first threading experience was at the parlor I am still a customer of , it was for JS Prom so I don't want to have a uni brow so I said yes. Even though they promised the pain was manageable, it was not for me. After the process, my brow had a mini bump and it looked red for 3 days. Yes 3 days. After that it took me years again before I tried threading. One parlor wherein I was suppose to do threading backed out after the lady pulled the second brow hair because my brow was bleeding, though it was minimal, she was scared she'll hurt me so she opt to use the blade again. 

I was a bit hesitant yet at the same time excited about Browhaus . Browhaus opened their first branch in the Philippines last 2008 in Serenda and as of the moment they have 5 branches nationwide with different themes for their store like Chinatown has camping, Greenbelt has submarine while Davao has firing range.  Because they want each store to be a destination.  I hope I can visit their different branches soon. 

Some fellow bloggers said that it's painless but I want to experience it myself for confirmation. I warned the lady that she might see blood and I told her it's normal so don't freak out. She thought I was kidding but she really said it was true. 

I was suppose to try color tweak recommended by Miss Tab since I have colored hair. They use vegetable dye not the regular color dye. But when they removed my brow makeup they can't do it because my brows were still colored. 

I use hair dye btw which is bad but it's better than to have black brows. I have nothing against black brows it's just I feel incomplete with black browsa and I find it weird looking at my photos with black brows. 

My experience with Browhaus is really good. Among all the threading I have tried it's close to painless but since my skin is sensitive and my pain tolerance is below sea level, I can still feel some pain but nothing I can't handle.

Their brow architects are skilled and they undergo training for 2-3 months and their certification is valid only for 1 year. Not all staff have the same skill. 

They also are trained to know which brow suits you better according to your face shape, I told her I want straight eyebrows and she told me that she'll put a little arch but not too much since I have a scar on the left eyebrow so that some of my hair can cover it up. Don't hesitate to ask and consider what you want for your brows since it's your brows and you can meet halfway. 

I never knew that the angle of your arms and they way you bend is important to minimize the pain of threading. Also they use cotton thread not the regular thread which most parlors use. 

They have wide array of services and their in house treatment is the brow resurrection. It's more expensive than regular brow tattoo considering its only semi permanent but it doesn't turn your brows blue-ish which is the common problem to those who have tattoo brows. For 42,000, you can have natural looking brows for at least a year with complementary retouch under 3 months. It actually depends on how you take care of it. Tune up or retouch is 7,000 per session. 

Browhaus also offers eyelash services like eyelash extension and eyelash curl. They have a promo as of the moment that 1st time customers can avail 50% off eyebrow and eyelash services. Promo is until the year ends so better visit Browhaus and ask for further information. They also offer packages wherein you can save money by buying their services in a bulk, like 10 eyebrow threading and the best part is that you and your friends can use it. It's transferable so more people can enjoy their services. Just ask the Browhaus personnel on how to avail their packages. 

Visit Browhaus at Abreeza Corporate Center, 3W 3rd floor.
Tel : (082) 327 - 0038 / 0917 871 2033
Mon - Sun : 10am to 9pm
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