Big Bang Made in Manila Part 4

Second to the last Big Bang Made in Manila diary.

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Seeing them in flesh is a must if you're a VIP. Their charisma is overflowing. G-Dragon was really formal and uptight when he's not performing onstage. He really enjoys his performances a lot. TOP, my first but now my second bias was really cute and handsome at the same time. Is that even possible? Well, that's TOP for you. He really has his random bingu moments that would make you like him even more. I really like tall dorky guys >.<~ Weeks before their arrival, TOP's Instagram has a video that asks "you like?" Then when he went to Manila, he also said the same thing but in Filipino this time which made the fans go wild and he would make small heart signs while bowing and his fast husky rap blown me away.

The MADE series made me unloyal to GD because TOP was too hot and dorky at the videos which made my heart go shakalaka~ still BB reference. Daesung was funny since he asked the fans if they wanted to see his big big puppy eyes which we all know he doesn't have. Taeyang oppa is really really good in dancing like really really good. I'm really proud we have the same birthdate. Seungri did most fan service. He's really good at making girls squeal through words. I find it adorable but I'm more into TOP's little dorky actions. I'm attracted to tall dorky good looking guys.

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