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"Defined brows instantly make you look more polished" - Bobbi Brown

Not all people are born with great eyebrows but we can change that.

Recently, brows have been a hot topic for women of all ages. In the earlier years, thin over plucked brows or almost nonexistent brows were a thing but now people are leaning towards more natural thick bold looking brows.

I can say I'm a noob when it comes to brows. Luckily Abreeza Fashion Forum invited me to their monthly gathering, this time featuring Browhaus. Nicole Romero, a beauty blogger of and editor in chief of was the speaker.

She started her presentation with brow evolution, how the brow trends evolved through the years.
Nicole stressed that brows are sisters, not twins, so making it identical is unnecessary.
Brows are subjective. There is no eyebrow shape that fits everyone. To attain your perfect eyebrows, you need to consider your face shape, eye shape, and your dedication to maintain your preferred brows.

For me, I have a hard time maintaining arch brows and Koreans have that belief that straight brows make you look younger so I think straight brows are perfect for me.

The Ideal eyebrow shade for a brunette is 2 shades lighter than their hair while blondes ideally need to have brows 2 shades darker than their hair.

Threading is more ideal than waxing because waxing makes the skin droop and sometimes it takes more hair than necessary.

Lucky for us Davaenos, Browhaus: The Brow Salon is a one-stop brow and lash grooming salon built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but function and style. And they are here in Davao at Abreeza Mall Third Floor Expansion Wing to help us.

Browhaus Davao’s services are :

Brow Services

Basic Brow Shaping
Classic Threading Php 648
Modern Tweezing Php 648
Color Tweak Php 998

Shaping and Color Tweak

Classic Threading Php 1398
Modern Tweezing Php 1398

Brow Resurrection 

For Full Brows Php 42800
For Lengthening Php 28800
Tune Up Php 7500

Lash Services

Express Lash in Bloom Extension / Cluster Php 2750
Tune Up Php 795
Lash in Bloom Extension / Strand by Strand Php 3800
Tune Up Php 450/10 lashes
Lash Curl Up Php 2200
Lashgraphy Color Php1150

Other Services


Forehead Php 320
Upper Lip Php 248
Lower Lip Php 248
Cheeks Php 320
Sideburns Php 640
Chin Php 320
Sideburns + Chin Php 900
Fingers Php 260
Complete Workout Browshaping + Forehead + Upper & Lower Lip + Cheek + Chin + Sideburns Php1600

I would like to thank Browhaus Managing Director Tab Abad and PR & Marketing Manager Monique Jamlang for being with us that night to share their insights about brows and to answer questions.

I already had my 1st Browhaus Davao Experience. Ready why Browhaus’ threading is one of the best.

Visit Browhaus at Abreeza Corporate Center, 3W 3rd floor.
Tel : (082) 327 - 0038 / 0917 871 2033
Mon - Sun : 10am to 9pm 
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