Big Bang Made in Manila Part 2

This is my second Big Bang Made in Manila diary. Part 1 can be found at Big Bang Made in Manila Part 1. 

I promised myself that when I have enough money to buy a VIP ticket, plane fare and pocket money, I'll go.

As early as January I talked I my dad on how badly I wanted to go to the concert, I even did a one time part time job so that I can have extra cash but my dad didn't approve until my mom vouched for me and told me she'd come with me to Manila which makes her the best mom like ever?

 I also said that his approval would be like his early birthday gift to me since the 1st date of ticket selling was May 16, 2 days before my birthdate. Plane tickets were booked as soon as my dad said yes and money for the concert ticket was ready. I asking my friends on Facebook what hotel they could recommend near MOA that's affordable since I'm also paying for our accommodation. Good thing my aunt asked why not stay at their apartment? I was not expecting it at all since I really thought we'd stay at a hotel. So I said to myself that maybe this is God's sign of saying yes.

Big Bang Made in Manila  Part 1

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