Big Bang Made in Manila Part 3

This is my third Big Bang Made in Manila diary.

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I'm not that active into kpop nowadays, I don't buy merchandises ,albums and other kpop related items unlike before but going to the concert is a must. There were rumors that the MADE concert may be the last concert Big Bang will do before one of them enlists to the army. Also I find it hard not to go since I promised to myself I'll go. I'm the type of person who really do her best to keep promises.

Big Bang made me love kpop so being a fan since summer 2008, it was a dream come true for me to see them in flesh. Personally, the concert was a challenge for me since 1.I don't like crowded places 2.I don't like getting too sweaty 3.Going home late at night was not safe since we don't have a car in Manila 4. I don't like waiting queues for a long time 5. The chance of watching the concert alone was high since my acquaintances were planing to buy non VIP seats.

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