MysterEscape Davao Experience

Last October 17, I was invited to try the 1st Escape Room in Davao City. Being fans of Escape Rooms themselves, the owners made their own version and brought it here in Davao to let us experience live adventure games. 

What is an escape room?
Escape room games are live adventure games wherein people are locked in a room and they have to observe and use the elements of the environment to decipher puzzles, find clues and hidden objects, and escape the room within a set time limit.

I was excited at the same time anxious as to what would happen inside the locked room for an hour.  Minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 people can play the games for 60 minutes.

There are 3 themes as of the moment, Secret Agents on a Mission, Murder at Apartment 999 and Lucila's curse. 

Secret Agents on a Mission
- Be a secret agent or covert operative and infiltrate the den of the most dangerous criminal mastermind this world has ever known. You only have one hour to locate and steal the secret formula for creating a zombie army that will lead to the zombie apocalypse. 

Murder at Apartment 999
- Play detectives and solve the mystery behind the famous model/ endorser. You only have one hour to investigate and identify the killer before he or she forever escapes the clutches of the police.

Lucila's Curse
-You and your friends find yourselves locked in a house under the curse of Lucila's tormented soul.  You have one hour to escape or risk being trapped with Lucila for eternity. 

Team #dimakamoveon chose Secret Agents on a Mission. A game master explained to us what our mission is and let the players choose what level of difficulty Houdini, Difficult and Easy the players want. You can always downgrade if you think the puzzle is too difficult for you to solve.

I thought being locked inside a room for an hour would be boring but it didn't happen, time flies so fast inside. It's so confusing at first since you don't know where to start. There were so many clues, you don't know which one would really help you but the feeling when you solve one part of the puzzle is super rewarding. 

We didn't finish our mission but we want to try it again soon. We were told that the Secret Agents on a Mission room was the most difficult one to solve. 


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

2 pax – Php 500
3 pax – Php 350
4 pax - Php 300
5 pax- Php 250

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

2 pax – Php 450
3 pax – Php 300
4 pax - Php 250
5 pax- Php 200

Solve the mystery. Escape the room in one hour. Are you up to the challenge? 

Book now and see if you can solve the mystery in 60 minutes.

MysterEscape Davao
Mezzanine floor of Adelfa Building,
Km.6 J.P Laurel Avenue, Lanang, Davao City, Philippines 
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