Unlocking Potential: How Google's AI Opportunity Fund is Shaping the Workforce in Asia-Pacific

Google's charitable division, Google.org, revealed a $15 million pledge to the AI Opportunity Fund. With the help of this project, over a million people in Asia Pacific, including the Philippines, will receive training in critical AI skills, resulting in a workforce that is better trained and ready for the future.

Google will invest in the development of essential AI skills and boost confidence among workers and job seekers, especially those in marginalized regions throughout the region, through the $15 million AI Opportunity Fund. This is in addition to Google's current digital and AI skill-building programs in Asia-Pacific, which include Google Cloud AI programs for businesses, AI Startup School for entrepreneurs, and AI Essentials for novices.

This fund will be open to applications from social impact groups that can assist us in reaching the people who are most likely to benefit from AI training. It is financed by the Asian Development Bank and operates in partnership with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), a network of social investors. In order to uncover specific AI-related difficulties and potential for underprivileged job seekers and micro and small companies in the area, AVPN will collaborate with local partners chosen through an open call for proposals.

Selected groups will be given assistance with AI in their native tongues so they may provide their communities with direct skill-training. Cash subsidies will also assist in removing obstacles to education, such as restricted access to learning materials.

“Equipped with the right tools and expertise, we’re excited to see how people and organizations across
Asia-Pacific can make the most of AI to benefit everyone,” said Scott Beaumont, President Asia-Pacific,

To learn more about the $15 million AI Opportunity Fund and how organizations can apply, visit

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