Exclusive Insider Look: Davao's First Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier

It's been a week since the Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifiers in Davao, and I remember that the competition was fierce. The audience, who had the final say in who won the competition, was charmed by the top dancers from throughout the region who gave their all.

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a distinctive, worldwide one-on-one street dance competition that highlights each dancer's uniqueness and inventiveness while honoring the variety of their dance forms.
In contrast to other dance competitions, Red Bull Dance Your Style pushes competitors to demonstrate their skill at improvisation and freestyle dancing to unexpected music.

They expanded its search for the nation's best dancers to Mindanao for its third year in the Philippines. The result of this was the inaugural Davao qualifications, which took place at Club Echelon in Davao City on June 29 of last year.

REPETER (Peter Nugas III), MJ (MJ Mejos), MSTR PIECE (Regie Harris Lavestre), and R3DMAN (Edrian Alcaria) were among the sixteen dancers from the area who wowed the crowd with their amazing routines and inventiveness as they made their way to the Top 4. R3DMAN ended up winning the prize. He was crowned after his extraordinary skill and distinct flair astounded the audience. As first and second place winners, respectively, R3DMAN and MSTR PIECE guaranteed themselves a seat in the National Finals.

R3DMAN expressed his overpowering feeling. "I was unsure of how to feel. I was confused before when the champion was called. For me, it was like a dream.”

R3DMAN acknowledged that his lack of preparation for the tournament stemmed from his short preparation period. "Because of work and school, I only had two days to prepare; it was really quick." He also disclosed that he preferred to choreograph to compete, and that he hardly ever took part in dance competitions. "Since this is my fourth battle, I still regard myself as a rookie," he continued. "What I did was take pleasure in the moment and believe in myself."

His victory is not the end of him; he is already preparing for the next competition round. R3DMAN mentioned that improving his endurance is one of his goals. "There will be extensive preparation. I have the impression that I will struggle with consistency, which is something I really need to focus on.

Lema Diaz, a dance consultant for the Philippine All-Stars, was in attendance. She said, "I've been visiting Davao from 2006 to 2008, so I know how amazing the dance artists are in Davao and Mindanao." "As dance consultants, we make sure to visit Davao or any other location in Mindanao in order to identify the most qualified dancer to represent the Philippines in Mumbai at the World Finals."

Diaz stated that among the highlights of the Davao qualifying was R3DMAN's performance throughout the competition. Diaz remarked, "Watching him perform live and go through rounds, just the mastery of his own style is there." "He can incorporate his individuality, the comfort of the music, and the dialogue he has with the crowd and opponent."

"I'm excited for Manila to witness him, for the whole Philippines to witness him, and for an exchange with the other dancers, because it will be inspiring," she continued. "He's really entertaining to watch."

Excitement is building for the next round of qualifiers, which will take place in Cebu on July 13 at APEX Super Club, as the Davao qualifier comes to an end. Diaz expressed her excitement for the next rounds by stating, "(Dancers) advance in one, two, three, and four weeks." What else can one year do? We're growing, which is why she continued, "I'm so excited to see how high the level has become and how many people are coming." Diaz also mentioned how excited she was to see both old and new faces back on the dance floor to compete.

Fans of the competition are excitedly anticipating more amazing performances and life-changing experiences from Diaz as dancers from all across the Philippines compete for the opportunity to represent their country well internationally.

Don’t miss a beat! Keep an eye out for the upcoming qualifying round and don't forget to catch the September 7 Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines National Finals. You really won't want to miss this event! Track the Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines team as they head to the November 9, 2024, World Finals in India.

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