DEVCON Mindanao Summit 2024

Last June 29–30, 2024, professional developers, innovators, and business executives gathered at the SMX Convention Center in Lanang, Davao City, to celebrate the DEVCON Mindanao Summit. The event showcased a thriving digital ecosystem. With the theme "Weaving Tech for All," the event aimed to motivate hope that Mindanao will emerge as the next digital hotspot in the Philippines by generating a disruptive wave in the region's tech ecosystem.

“We’re showcasing the best of the region and bringing the best to the region,” said DEVCON Davao Chapter President and  Mindanao Programs Co-Lead Peng Sumargo, highlighting the summit's focus on local talent. “This event is about creating a movement that showcases the innovations and opportunities in Mindanao,” she added.

By working together to bring the summit to reality, local DEVCON Mindanao chapters from Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, and the recently established Bukidnon were able to increase access to technology learning opportunities throughout Mindanao. Inspiring and preparing local talent to propel technological advancement and regional economic prosperity, the summit's goal was to position Mindanao as the Philippines' future tech and innovation powerhouse.

Silicon Valley veteran and DEVCON founder Winston Damarillo championed Mindanao's potential. “We envision cultivating a robust tech talent pool in Mindanao, placing it at par with other regions in the Philippines,” Damarillo commented.

Deep dives into cutting edge technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence were provided by DEVCON Mindanao Summit. It also looked at government cooperation in technology, prospective career prospects, industry innovation in Mindanao, and even included a startup pitch competition.

The summit's organizers hope it will serve as a spark for cooperation among gifted people, academic institutions, and governmental organizations. With the help of this project, the area will be more equipped to accept technology and take an active part in the developing tech sector.

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