Empowering Women: EastWest Bank's Magenta Race and the Fight Against Breast Cancer

L-R: Es Vidaurreta and Cariss Ramos of EastWest Bank, Jennifer Angeles and Lizette Lim of Kasuso Foundation, Mary Anne Bundalian of EastWest Bank, Flerida Jimenez, Georgia Pangan – President, Susan Lim – Treasurer, Maria Lourdes Cortez Del Rosario – Chairwoman, June Del Rosario of Kasuso Foundation

EastWest Bank announces the success of the second run of the Magenta Race, a crucial event devoted to raising awareness and cash for breast cancer advocacy in the Philippines, as a show of unity and devotion to a cause.

Expanding on the success of the first Magenta Race, which received praise and backing, the 2023 version demonstrates EastWest Bank's commitment to social responsibility. 145 people participated in the run/cycle portion of this year's event, raising a total of Php 196,991 for the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. (Kasuso Foundation).

The Magenta Race's achievements go well beyond charity; in 2023, The Digital Banker Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards recognized it as the Best CSR Initiative.
This illustrates EastWest Bank's dedication to collaborating to address urgent societal issues.

Breast cancer is still a major health concern, especially for Filipino women, which emphasizes the importance of programs like the Magenta Race. With more than 60% of its workforce being female, EastWest Bank is dedicated to raising awareness of breast health issues and advocating for early identification. The bank also supports national projects that strengthen communities and empower women.

Please visit kasuso.org for additional details regarding the impact of the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. (Kasuso Foundation).

About the Magenta Race: The Magenta Race is a fundraising event that aims to increase financial support and public awareness for activism against breast cancer in the Philippines. The Magenta Race seeks to support organizations and initiatives that offer vital services to people and families affected by breast cancer by means of community engagement and collaboration.

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