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I have been an iPhone user for almost eight years now, and at first, I really didn’t understand why some people prefer iPhone over Android until I owned one myself.  Here are five things I love about the iPhone and why you should consider switching.

iOS is simpler to use

Sometimes, the things that make Android our favorite platform also make it less appealing to the average user. Android's intuitiveness has increased thanks to developments from Google and its partner manufacturers. However, despite the significant redesign of Android 12, it might still be perplexing. Not everyone can handle countless settings, complete customization, and arbitrary icon placements. Additionally, as most Android phones differ in terms of appearance and feel from one another, there is a learning curve due to manufacturer inconsistencies.

The simplicity of the iOS operating system is adored by Apple devotees and is maybe one of its greatest features over Android. iOS is simple, and that's part of its appeal. Many iPhone enthusiasts don't want to fiddle with or personalize their phones. They are looking for a device that will get them to their content with the least amount of effort and that functions well. This is the main idea behind the adage "It just works."

With iOS, everything is displayed on your home page in rows and columns of customizable icons. You may arrange them however you like, but there isn't an app drawer to conceal items. Whichever Apple mobile device you use, the settings are simple to use and the overall experience is consistent.

There is hardly any learning curve with iOS because of how intuitive its user interface is. I've witnessed children who have never used a smartphone learn the fundamentals in ten minutes. Before they learn to read, some of these children learn how to use an iPhone! In the same way, if you already have an iOS device, you can switch to any other and know exactly how it functions right away.

More accessories with iPhones

There is typically a far greater selection of accessories available for Apple devices. Simply put, making covers and other accessories for the limited number of iPhones in circulation is far simpler. It will be extremely difficult for any manufacturer to release a specific case model for every Android handset on the market. Additionally, since iPhones often control the market, attention is first directed toward these Apple models. This holds true for various accessories like screen protectors, cases, and cords.

Naturally, the Android accessory market is doing quite well, it's just not as big. Moving away from the favored devices also makes things much more difficult. There will be a decent assortment of cases available for popular and recent models. There are plenty of less well-known Android phones, but you can't make the same argument about them. On the other side, there is an abundance of accessory alternatives available for any model of iPhone. Additionally, accessory manufacturers nearly always debut their items first for iPhones.

Additionally, Apple offers MagSafe, a feature that enables wireless charging, as well as magnetic accessory attachment to the back of the device. Yes, you can use Android devices with MagSafe accessories; however, unless you acquire a special case or converter, the magnets won't function properly. 

Resale value

While affordability isn't exactly an area where iOS excels over Android, Apple does have a competitive edge over the majority of its mobile rivals. When compared to Android products, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple items usually keep their value significantly better. Purchasing an iPhone is frequently a better financial choice in the long term, despite its higher cost. When it's time to move gadgets, you can sell your used Apple smartphone for extra money. Additionally, due to their immense popularity, Apple products typically sell much faster.

Apple Ecosystem

iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and other internal services are tightly interwoven with Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, and Mac PCs. Although Google's rival services are as effective, they lack intuitive connectivity and have a learning curve.

Users must search the Google Play Store for certain apps that are necessary to access essential Google services because they are not pre-installed. For the majority of tech-savvy people, this might not seem like a big concern, but for others, it might be a difficult chore or at the absolute least, a hassle.

Apple App Store has far superior curation and oversight compared to the Google Play Store. The process of getting their apps approved by the App Store requires developers to go through several costly and time-consuming steps, but in the end, the quality of iOS apps has increased overall. Generally speaking, the Apple App Store is more ad-free, cleaner, and provides nice added features like tutorials, interviews, better app lists, etc. Despite being walled, the garden is nonetheless secure, well-known, and simple to access.


iPhone's amazing camera is one feature that even the most ardent Android users adore. There aren't many smartphones on the market with a better camera than the most recent iPhone since Apple engineers the camera on the device to perfection. With each release, the camera specs keep getting better and better.

Buying a new phone may it be Android or iPhone in cash can be intimidating and may put a huge dent on your budget. Thankfully I discovered that Home Credit offers 0% interest on these iPhone models so you don’t have to go broke to own one. This is available until May 31, 2024, through the Hottest Summer sa Pinas 0% Interest Promo. 

Apple iPhone 11 128GB Black

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