The Asian Banker's Verdict: Metrobank Emerges as the Leading Retail Bank in the Philippines

In The Asian Banker's most recent Global Excellence in Retail Finance Awards, Metrobank was praised as the Most Recommended Retail Bank in the Philippines.

The Asian Banker's Annual BankQualityTM Consumer Survey, which collected opinions from more than 12,000 clients throughout Asia in January 2024, was the basis for the award. Based on the participants' experiences with services, channels, and products, the poll assessed their level of involvement and satisfaction with retail financial services companies.

Metrobank has a solid reputation among its customers for reliable financial services and a hassle-free banking environment, according to The Asian Banker. The primary factors contributing to Metrobank's BankQuality score of 101.48, which ranked sixth in Asia and highest among participating banks in the Philippines, were these.

The excellent feedback received from the Bank's clientele is corroborated by a NielsenIQ survey from 2023*, which ranked Metrobank as one of the Philippines' Top Recommended Banks. A sample of approximately one thousand respondents was asked if they would suggest any of the banks included in the poll to their colleagues. The results showed that Metrobank beat out every other large bank in the area, and it has been in this position since 2022.

These accolades are a huge indication to Metrobank that the bank is doing a good job of keeping its word to customers to be their reliable financial partner at every stage of life.

Whether the customer is an individual increasing his savings, an ambitious entrepreneur launching a new business venture, or an established individual looking to manage the growth and distribution of their wealth, Metrobank continuously strives to provide clients with dependable and pertinent banking services to help them achieve their goals.

"Metrobank's guiding principle has been putting Filipinos in good hands for decades. Every service and product we offer was created with our customers' requirements in mind. Digs Dimagiba, Chief Marketing Officer of Metrobank, stated, "We are steadfastly committed to helping Filipinos realize their dreams and foster growth in the communities we are a part of."

Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service is fueled by this objective, and we are honored that both national clients and international financial authorities like The Asian Banker share this belief. Because every Metrobanker is committed to assisting our customers and our communities' growth, Metrobank is the Most Recommended Retail Bank in the Philippines, he continued.

Celebrating partnerships that lead to growth

With the release of a new film titled "Grow with Metrobank," the bank reinforces its commitment to becoming its clients' success partner even as it honors important partnerships with clients through these awards.

The movie stands in for the millions of Filipinos who, throughout the previous 60 years, received assistance from the Bank on their path to success and growth. Successful Metrobank clients Gigi and Andy, a mother-and-son baking team, tell these stories.

There is the pharmacist Mrs. Bueno, who is delighted that her business loan from Metrobank has been accepted. Charlie, on the other hand, runs a chain of computer repair stores that have been updated to accept cashless transactions. And of course Ben, the owner of a lone delivery van, who, because of Metrobank, now has a brand-new fleet of delivery cars. Gigi and Andy's bakeshop is finally visited by Sharon, a relationship manager from Metrobank, who comes to talk about possible investment prospects for their family.

Metrobank reiterates its conviction that "where communities grow, we all grow" by the movie's conclusion.

Watch the film here.

Metrobank has been providing excellent care for Filipinos for more than 60 years. Over the years, the bank has received recognition from prestigious worldwide financial organizations and magazines such as Asian Banker, Euromoney, and AsiaMoney for its strength and dependability for clients, companies, and entire communities.

Find out how Metrobank can foster prosperity and expansion within a community, adding significance and fulfillment to each phase of your financial journey. Visit your closest Metrobank branch or check out our website at to learn more.

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