SEVENTEEN : Maestro MV + 17 Is Right Here Album Download

K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN is gearing up to launch their album '17 is Right Here' this April, just a month before their ninth debut anniversary.

On April 19, the band unveiled the complete tracklist for their album, featuring four new tracks along with their top hits. The original tracklist, disclosed on April 2, consisted of Korean versions of eight previously released Japanese lead singles and 20 lead singles from their previous Korean releases.

On the same day, an animated trailer was released, revealing that four new tracks, along with a digital-only instrumental version of their debut single 'Adore U,' would be included in the album. With a total of 33 tracks, the album will kick off with its lead single 'MAESTRO', followed by 'LALALI' from the Hip-hop Team, 'Spell' from the Performance Team, and 'Cheers to youth' from the Vocal Team.

These new additions further establish SEVENTEEN's position as a leading creative force in K-pop. Woozi, who has composed all 20 previously released lead singles, spearheaded the composition and writing of 'Maestro', 'Spell', and 'Cheers to youth'. He also collaborated with all members of the Hip-hop Team – S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon – on the lyrics of 'Lalali', while The 8 and Dino wrote their unit's dedicated track 'Spell'.

Tracklist :

  • Call Call Call! (Korean Ver.)
  • Happy Ending (Korean Ver.)
  • Falling Flower (Korean Ver.)
  • 24H (Korean Ver.)
  • Not Alone (Korean Ver.)
  • Power of Love (Korean Ver.)
  • Dream (Korean Ver.)
  • Ima -Even If the World Ends Tomorrow- (Korean Ver.)
  • Adore U (아낀다)
  • Mansae (만세)
  • Pretty U (예쁘다)
  • Very Nice (아주 Nice)
  • Boomboom (붐붐)
  • Don’t Wanna Cry (울고 싶지 않아)
  • Clap (박수)
  • Thanks (고맙다)
  • Oh My! (어쩌나)
  • Home
  • Fear (독)
  • Left & Right
  • Home;Run
  • Ready to Love
  • Rock With You
  • Hot
  • _World
  • F*ck My Life
  • Super (손오공)
  • God of Music (음악의 신)

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