Crystal : Peridot Gray Review

Purchased this lenses for quite sometime now but I only used them recently since I was using the black ones I reviewed here

Personally,  I think I don't look good in gray lenses but Baekhyun used it with dark hair and light ones and I'm envious so I bought one though my hair's on the yellow blonde ish side.

One day, while watching Hyuna's Red MV, I decided to color my hair black or almost black like brown black.After almost 8 years of tormenting my hair with different shades of brown / blonde, I bought Etude House's Black Hair Dye and I must say it's really black like no joke. And as of the moment, I'm sporting black hair! Like deep black, it's even darker than my original hair color which was brown black.

*update, my hair is now brown on top with bits of brown all over so my hair is crazy with all the black mixed with brown and there was a red shade which I don't know where it came from.

**latest update, now my hair is blonde like bleached blonde.


Product Information

Origin : South Korea
Life Span: One Year
Diameter : 15mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Water Content : 38-42%
Color : Gray 3tone
Power Range : -0.00 to -8.00

I think gray lenses look better with black hair or dark hair. I have dark eyes so by sporting light lenses will make my look doll like in a subtle way. It's my personal opinion. 

The lenses look better in actual rather than on photos. It looks natural when worn and even with flash, it doesn't make you look un human like which was the rant of my friends whenever we go out and I'm sporting the black circle lenses, they said I look like an alien. Also it doesn't have the black circle ring which makes your eyes bigger but it still does the job in a subtle way. It's 15mm and you can wear it comfortably for 5-6 hours but not beyond that because it will hurt your eyes but I push myself to my limits so don't be like me.

The lenses look like the cheap version of freshlook. Whenever I see freshlook lenses I am really tempted to buy. *Yes I was a freshlook baby before all this circle lenses became mainstream* but freshlook doesn't make my eyes bigger and it's more expensive. Even though I have dark brown eyes, it's still light gray unlike some lenses I tried wherein they will change color when I wear them. There was a time I was using green geo lenses but when worn it looks like green blue in my eyes. 


Naturalness 4.5 / 5

It looks super natural because there's no black ring surrounding lens so it looks like Freshlook ish. Ideal for those people who like subtle kind of lenses. 

Enlargement 3/5 

Yes it helps enlarge the eyes but for me it doesn't make me look dolly enough if not for the color. You need to make an effort to make your eyes look bigger if you want to achieve the dolly puppy eyes look.

Color 5/5 

True to its color, light gray. There are lenses when worn look different. I'm not sure if it's applicable to all but there's this one green geo lens when I wore it looks blue green in my eyes

Comfort 4.5/5 

When first worn it's super comfortable  but recently whenever I wear it my eyes get super teary eyes at first but it gets comfortable after 15 minutes or so.

Design 4/5 

Super simple and it really reminds me of Freshlook with a cheaper price tag that is. A breather for those who want to try something new (w/o black rings) yet still wants that dolly effect.

Total Rating 4.5/5 

It's my first time trying Crystal lenses, at first I was worried because it's super cheap but local ulzzangs use it almost all the time so it pickup my curiosity. They really remind me of Freshlook contact lenses but without the heavy price tag. A must try to those who are not adventurous when it comes to buying huge contact lenses with black rings. Overall I'm satisfied with the lenses. Good for dolly looks and it's cheap. I got it at glamshoppeph

I bought 3 lenses from them and one of them is this. Will review the others as soon as I wear them.

This is not a sponsored post.

*I'm not recommending the shop since they took 2 weeks to reply to my inquires and they're not online most of the time. A friend of mine tried to order and still the same type of service, in the end she cancelled the order but in my case I already ordered and I am determined to try it but most probably I'll not order again even if she apologized because their service is still the same, My friend ordered after me so still the same kind of service.
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