Happy Skin : SS Cream 02 Natural Beige Review

Ever since I started my makeup journey,  I never purchased any foundation since I'm more into BB Cream because it has more benefits than the former. I got this sample size as a gift from a co blogger, I asked her for a review and she said she'll just give it to me so I can do the review. YAY for early Christmas gift! Thank you Ate Ria~

Second Skin Cream is a product produced by Happy Skin, a local brand that sells skin loving products that are fuss free, easy to apply and comes in shades that compliment Filipina skin. Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez, the founder of the brand, is a firm believer in good skincare. She doesn't like comprising the skin because of the makeup they use. In addition,  co founder Rissa Mananquil Trillo believes that a truly good nakeup should be your ally-not your enemy-in making you look and feel beautiful.

Unlike other foundations which I find too thick and cakey, this one's really like your second skin. It's light "like" BB Cream and it has SPF 20 but the coverage is also light unlike foundation wherein your blemishes are really covered up.

credits to: lushangel.com

It comes in two shades; light beige and natural beige. I got the natural beige though and I think it's a bit dark for my skin since I have a yellowish skintone so I tend to buy the lightest shade in every face product I buy. Wore it for 8 hours and it didn't feel heavy on my skin which lives to its name second skin.

This size is only available when you purchase the set named "Served on A Silver Platter", it's their Christmas set. It includes :

  • 10 ml Second Skin Cream Non-Silicone Foundation Limited Edition Travel Size (Shade 02)
  • 1 g Eye Am Here to Stay 24H Limited Edition Mini Gel Eyeliner (Watermelon)
  • 5 g Get Cheeky With Me Hydrating Blush (First Kiss)
  • 2.7 g Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie (Honeymoon Glow)
  • Liquid Foundation Brush
all five products for Php 1,999.

credits to : http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/

On the other hand the full size is also available at Happy Skin for 1, 299 for 30ml.

I wish stores would sell travel size makeup  alongside with the regular sized ones so that you can try their products but not make huge holes on your pockets.  I really like the size because it's not bulky and you don't need to apply a lot, a pea size or 2 pea size is good enough to cover my face and I don't need to use powder afterwards because it has powder finish which saves me more time in applying makeup.

It has some benefits of BB cream but with lesser SPF and it's more expensive compared to Etude House BB cream because some BB creams like Ettusais (which I reviewed here) has the same price as this one but considering it's imported from Japan, it's understandable. But it's a good product so I think the price is reasonable.

One good point in buying Happy Skin is that it's made in the Philippines so their products are made for Filipinas, meaning they know our needs more than anyone like they need to consider the weather and morena Filipinas because not all Filipinas are fair. Their aim to to produce products to enhance one's feature which I think is good for those people who are new in makeup world or to those who like to sport barely there makeups.

Pros :
- super light
- has SPF 20
- has powder finish
- available locally
- promises to improve skin quality with continued use

Cons :
- has 2 shades only
- smells like foundation
- a bit expensive
- light coverage compared to foundation


I only wish that it has the coverage of foundation without the heavy feeling. A better version of this product would woo me away, maybe add some ingredients that would further moisturize the skin to make it more appealing to people with dry skin or make the SPF higher?

As of the moment I am not that convinced to buy the full size bottle since I still have my BB creams, hopefully they can upgrade the product so that you can get the foundation finish without the heavy feeling which was my 1st impression of the product but it didn't turn out that way. And maybe add more benefits if possible like what I stated above.

I recommend this to ladies who like barely there makeups, to those who like to enhance their features. I'm a huge fan of products that will help me achieve doll like skin so when I use BB creams or other foundations,  I also top it up with powder. I have not used this foundation to an event because it's darker than my skintone and with flash photography,  you can really tell that it's not the right shade for me. But it's not that noticeable with the naked eye. I use it whenever I feel lazy and it's perfect to those who like barely there makeups and to those who are a bit lazy when applying makeup.

P.S : Since I can't use it often because of the dark shade, I use it as a concealer and I must say it works!~ Blemishes are not that noticeable anymore.

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