Blugré Bloggers Night

Last Saturday I was invited by Blugré with other Davao Bloggers for Blugrés Bloggers Night.  They wanted Bloggers to have a sneek peek of what  #blugrelifestyle and #blugreradio is all about before sharing it to the public.

Blugré as we all know is the one if not the first coffee shop here in Davao City. They started in 1998 and up until today, it’s still one of the famous coffee shops here because they sell unique drinks and delicious pastries and a lot more.

Blugré radio wants to develop a personal relationship to their customers through music. Music is considered the universal language of mankind because it can portray a message or an emotion through lyrics, beat, melody, rhythm and other elements. In addition, it has a special way of surpassing racial and ethnic barricade. So by Blugré radio, they want to reach out to their customers and let them enjoy every single moment with or without a cup of coffee.

credits to : Blugre Coffee

On the other hand, Blugré Lifestyle is all about fashion. They want to incorporate Blugré  to our day to day streetwear. As of the moment, they’re only selling shirts in 4 colors; White, Black, Midnight Blue and Grey. At the front, Blugré brand can be seen. Trademark cup of coffee which is embroidered at the side sleeve while designs at the back may vary but it’s always has something to do with Davao pride like Durian and other things that represent Davao. 

Before their short presentation, we were given some of their best seller desserts. 

 Red Velvet, Macaroons and Cheese Roll Bites.

Spaghettini Meat Sauce with Tuna Cheese Melt

Durian Artic Blast

The event was at Blugré MTS, 2nd floor which is perfect for those who want to organize small events since the place can be rented for hours and it's consumable. Php 5,000 for four hours which I think is reasonable since basically the place is free and you get to taste their good food and drinks. Win Win situation right? 

Don't forget to like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram for more updates. 

Thank you again for inviting me!~

*Super sorry for the late post. I was suppose to publish this last year but I got caught up in trying a different layout for my blog which didn't end right. As of the moment, I'm still trying to find ways to make my blog visually nice but it will take some time since I'm not an expert when in comes to codes. I think I need a book Codes for Dummies or any book similar to that. Sorry readers if my blog have small glitches. 

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