Mono Restobar & After Office + Echelon Club

Davao bloggers was invited last October 17 to the newest restobar and club here in Davao namely Mono Club Restobar and Echelon respectively.

Several drinks and food was served, the waiting time is a bit long like 20-25 minutes but I assure you it's worth the wait.

They serve beers, both local and imported,  sparkling wine, spirits, whisky, tequila, energy drinks, wines both red and white, vodka, softdrinks, flaming shots, cocktails, margarita and daiquiri. I tried their cocktails and I must say it was good for those people who wants to have a hint of alcohol but can't drink a lot. They have a wide variety of food for as low as Php50. Most of their food are finger foods so you may want to eat dinner beforehand. 

One of their cocktails, Tequila Sunrise. 

They also serve flaming shots. Never tried this one before. 

Four cheese pizza was served next and it's one of the best cheese pizza I have ever tasted. The thin crust really complimented the pizza and you can really tell that the cheese was a high quality one.

Chili Fries! It was good but there's something missing. I think it needs more cheese?

Frozen Blue Margarita

The tuna maki is a must try specially for those who like spicy food. Personally I'm not a big fan of maki because sometimes I end up having an upset stomach if I ate too many but I think I'm willing to go thru that if it's this good. Even without any soy sauce or any condiments.

The food does not only look good but also tastes good. If you would ask me what was the best among I have tasted, I would really say the four cheese pizza.

After a lot of good drinks and food, we were lead to Club Echelon. I thought where was the club and it was located beside MonoBar. I was surprised because you can't hear any music from the outside unless you open the doors which I think is a good thing because not all people like blaring loud music while eating and catching up with a friend.

Echelon really has VIP service. The staff is polite and you really feel like a VIP with the service they give you. It's been so long since I have gone to clubs *thanks to my college degree* and Echelon exudes that vibe of being in abroad.

There's a flight of stairs going up and down the club so you may want to pack up backup flats if you feel like drinking your night away to prevent any injuries. 

Echelon is divided into 8 couches where you can sit but there are tables on the middle wherein you can party. The fee for occupying the couch may be a bit heavy on your pockets but it's consumable so basically it's like free.

I didn't stay long at Echelon but I enjoyed my time staying there.

This Halloween Echelon is having their 1st Halloween party with the theme Bond Girl. A good concept I must say since who wants to go to a club wearing a zombie costume?

Contact : 0917 713 4063 for more details or visit their Facebook page for more details. 

Club Echelon is open on  Fridays and Saturdays only and party starts at 9 while Mono is open 7 times a week and they open 6pm.
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