Let's Talk About Skin VMV Hypoallergenics

When I was in highschool, I searched for a sunblock with high SPF that could protect me from the C.A.T training under the heat of the sun and I stumbled upon VMV. It was and still is expensive compared to the regular sunblock but at that time it was the one who offers the highest SPF so I urged my mom to buy it for me. Luckily she agreed because she doesn't want me to return to my old tan color. It's not that I hate my skin color, it's just my parents are both fair and I'm a bit dark so I want to be fair. My mom was even asked if I was adopted because I didn't have the same skin color as them. Lol

After I finished the product years ago, I tell you your thousands are worth it because the product will take up years before you can finish them, I stopped using sunblock and moved to things with SPF like powder, BB cream and day creams.

During the talk, Miss Maria discussed how important sunblock is and how it protects your skin from damage. I was about to say sun damage but not only sun does damage your skin but also anything that produces light like fluorescent lamp, LED lights and such.

She discussed how their sunblock, Armada, caters to different skin types and how Armada is proven safe and effective. They do yearly tests to 6 different skin types to see if their products do work and do constant research to make their products better if possible. 

"No specific products for specific race because skin us skin. The weather is the only difference." - Miss Maria Cortez

I was really shocked when she said this because most if not all people really tell that these products work best on Asian skin and such, it was the 1st time I heard about this.

Also, she stressed that organic does not equate to hypoallergenic because some organic ingredients may cause allergies but hypoallergenic may cause rashes like redness but it may only mean an initial reaction so she suggested that you do the patch test first before buying it.

She stressed that skin regimen should be a part of our lifestyle. Don't recommend chemical suncreen to cancer patients and babies because cancer patients are maybe undergoing chemo therapy and applying chemical suncreen may do more damage to them. As for the babies, babies are not supposed to be exposed to sun for a long period of time. 

VMV does not promote skin whitening but skin brightening which means that you can achieve the lightest shade which can be found at your inner upper arm or any other part which is not so exposed but you can never be Nicole Kidman white.

Basically the talk is all about protecting your skin from sun damage and it can be summarized by the video below.


credits to:Thomas Leveritt

Thank you for the mini gift! Hopefully I can post a mini review for their gift for me. Also, I want to thank Abreeza and Davao Bloggers for inviting me.  

Sorry for the late update, I was and still is sick and can't write a proper post. Guess my mind's full of fever. Lol
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