Epik High : Born Hater MV + Shoebox Album Download

Hip Hop trio, Epik High is back with their 8th full length album entitled Shoebox. 

The album has a total of 12 tracks. They will be promoting 2 tracks; Wasteful Ending and Spoiler. It's one of the most anticipated album of Epik High because they featured artists like Taeyang of Big Bang, Younha,  Jay Park, Beenzino, Bobby and B.I. of iKon, Mino of WINNER and MYK to name a few. 
The music video is quirky, cute at the same time it screams SWAG. I find the MV unique because it only has 2 locations and those 2 locations have toilets.  I don't know if there's a deep meaning to it but I think it says I'm cool even though I do my business on the toilet, nothing can stop me from being swag. I also like that the featured artists have longer lines than the regular featured artists should have specially B.I. I must say he's the cutest janitor ever! Also when he was reading the adult material, his expression was priceless. Mino has swag, B.I is cute and Bobby was damn rich. Aside from the kids, Beenzino and Verbal Jint can also be seen at the video. It's rated 19 because they didn't censor any curse words which is rare in South Korea. 

 credits to: OfficialEpikHigh

I can't wait to download the whole album and listen to it. I shall pick my fave song soon~

The MV was supposed to be released last night but it was delayed as a sign of respect towards the victims of the Pangyo Techno Valley Festival Tragedy.

Condolences to their family and friends. 

Shoebox Album Download
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