SNSD : Mr. Mr MV + Mr. Mr. Download Album

Days ago,the other Queens, SNSD released their mini Album entitled Mr.Mr and minutes ago they released the MV. The song Mr.Mr is not that catchy and upbeat unlike I Got A Boy but as you replay the song you'll be singing it especially the part Mr.Mr. I'm not a huge fan of SNSD but I listen to their songs and I must admit they have good songs, I'm not sure if this song will be as popular as IGAB but you can sense that SNSD owns this song. The dance moves and the MV are totally different from IGAB so you have been warned.

The MV's so SNSD. So pink, girly yet sexy at the same time. They look like barbies when they wear pink clothes or Elle Wood in real life. The aura's totally totally different from their previous ones. So enjoy the MV and comment your feels below.

What I like about SM artists is that they have at least one ballad song in their album that will not be promoted yet you'll love it in the long run, in this case Back Hug. It's basically a song about back hugs and how the girls feel about it. I think back hug is the number 1 skinship that girls like. It's intimate at the same time it gives you a sense of security and surprise. Right?

So you can download their mini album for free at my fave website : or if you're rich, buy it at their iTunes

Some Kpop fans are making a big fuss about 2NE1 x SNSD face off but who knows maybe the companies really want to face off each other. Just support your fave group guys and don't bash SONES or Blackjacks.
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