2NE1 : Crush Album | Download, English Translation and Teasers

And the Queens are officially back! After 3 years they have finally produced their 3rd album. And fans ask why Blackjacks are looking forward to this album? You must be kidding me.

Ever since I saw their teaser photos, I can't wait. Dara's photo was really beautiful. I mean she can rock any hair color, any hairstyle  yet she still looks beautiful. Minzy also rocked her pink mid length hair. I prefer her with short hair though. Bom unnie looks rather plain with her black hair but her eyeshadow's vibrant. And of course our swag queen came back with her blonde hair with her fierce makeup.

credits to: allkpop.com

I read one article wherein YG sajangnim was really proud of her girls with their Crush album. This album's a product of their sweat and blood and you can't rush that so papa YG would rather delay their comeback than present a half baked album to fans. Our leader participated in this album,is this the start of self composing 2NE1 rather than to depend on Teddy oppa? Now that would be jjang. All YG groups would be able to produce and write their own songs. That would be sweeeet and it will make YG stand more proud.

Now I know why papa YG is proud of this album. It's nothing like what 2NE1 gave us before, it's a breathe of fresh air yet you can still feel the 2NE1 flavor. I'm somewhat thankful that the girls are experimental in a way that even though some of their fans don't like their song, they still try it because they want to show Blackjacks their versatility.

Crush album is so different from their past album and the songs are from different genres which makes it fun to listen to. Enough with the blabber and download their album on iTunes if you're rich or download it for free at http://k2nblog.com/.

And for those International fans who want to understand the lyrics of the album, don't fret for I found a site wherein they provided english translation for most of the songs.

2NE1 Crush Translated

Then buy their album later to support our beloved Queens. I can't wait for their MV. What are thoughts about Crush album? Comments are appreciated. Annyeong~!

And as of today, their album topped in different countries that even papa YG sent them an SMS to congratulate them. AWWWWW ;A;

credits to : CL

And they also released new edgy shots like this:  

Please click to view all their released edgy shots.

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