Etude House : Sweet Recipe Cupcake RD301 All Over Color Review

Last year, I bought this product because it was on sale and I was searching for a multi purpose one so that my huge makeup kit would somewhat become smaller. The lady assistant suggested this product because it was one of their best sellers and I think it's somehow true because I bought the last one.

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This color all over mousse can be used as lip tint, blush and as eye shadow. Now how cool is that? 3 products in one is a good investment. Also, it comes in 5 different shades : PK001, PK002, RD301, OR201 and OR202. So, it means 2 pink shades, 1 reddish and 2 orange ones.

Packaging looks cute right? Is it me or other girls including me do tend to buy unnecessary products since they have cute packaging? 

Personally,  I prefer the mousse and tint kind of blush and gloss because it looks more natural than powder and lipstick. I can't control on how much blush I use that I feel I end up looking like a clown. I think I should work on that neh? What I really really like about this product is that it looks natural. Want to appear natural kind of ulzzang? then this product is a must try. Also, it smells like raspberry. But the downside in mousse type is that the staying power is low. Well, that is in my experience. I need to retouch my lips after eating every time. In addition, I consider it unsanitary since you need to dip your fingers into the can before getting the product.

-looks natural
-matte finish
-available in various colors
-fruity smell
-cute packaging

-low lasting power

For its price 378, I think it's worth checking out. You can visit the nearest √Čtude House to try their different shades to know which one would suit you and to try it yourself and be the best judge wether to purchase this product or not. So you can just go there, try it our then decide later on if it's good or not. Personally, it is worth trying.

Me wearing the product as lip tint.

This is not a sponsored post.

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