Just a quick update on this portion of my blog, I know it has been well neglected because of multiple reasons, I still have a lot of unpublished fashion posts but I don't have the confidence to post them online. I may or may not publish it depending on my confidence and mood. hohoho~

So I wore this outfit during the first Abreeza Fashion for 2015, the theme was suppose to be Marsala but I ain't got Marasala so I decided to wear brown x red combo which is a bit Marsala.

I love how this patch dress is laidback and the same time dressy.

Laidback in a sense that the print is plaid which I think is considered a classic in laidback fashion. The material's cotton so it's comfortable.Paired it up with my trusty black heels since I don't want to add more colors to my already colorful dress and 2 way red bag which is also I think considered a laidback.

To add a touch of brown, wore my mom's tortoise fake round glasses which sadly got destroyed recently TuT. Still looking for an alternative since the mall that sells it doesn't sell it anymore so I'm somehow sad that it got destroyed, got a lot of compliments for it though.

The get up can be worn everyday and maybe change the heels to flats if you have a lot of errands.

Belated Happy Chinese New year~!

 Dress : Marc by Marc Jacobs | Heels : DKNY | Bag : Prada | Glasses : Gmall

All Patched Up

by on February 20, 2015
Just a quick update on this portion of my blog, I know it has been well neglected because of multiple reasons, I still ...

EOS lipbalms are a craze nowadays, I was suppose to buy one but when I learned it doesn't have a tint or color, I backed out. I look freakin pale with clear lipbalms so I tend to stay away from them unless they're gifts or cheap ones I buy at drugstores. Good thing my aunt gave it to me as a gift so now I have one and I can give you guys a review. YAY~ ? She gave me a limited edition one by Rachel Roy. 

Product Details : 

95% organic; 100% natural
- has Shea butter and Vitamin E
- Gluten Free
- Paraben Free
- Petrolatum Free
- Phthalate Free
Size : 0.25 oz 

credits to : http://evolutionofsmooth.com/
I really like how sturdy the case is and how it smells so good. It has a grip on the side so that you can easily twist the round case and it comes with a vibrant hot pink case which I think is good because usually my bags have a dark interior so I can easily spot it. I have been using lip smacker for 2 years now since my friend gave it to me and I like this one better because it makes my lips moisturized but it doesn't look too shiny nor does it feel too oily on my lips. 

I use lip balms before applying lip stains or colored lip balms to keep my lips moisturized because I have super dry lips and they tend to crack every now and then. Also it makes the lip products glide easily. I also use it before sleeping so I can have nice moist lips the next day. 

Pros : 
- have sturdy case
- organic
- keeps lips moisturized but do not have oily feeling
- comes in different fruity variants

Cons : 
- not available locally unless ordered from online shops or supermarkets that sell imported products. 
- sold in bulk; saw one in S&R and it has like 5 lip balms in one pack. 
- expensive here in the Philippines; 250 each

4/5 As much as it keeps their promise of moisturized lips, I wish their packaging will be less bulky. Yes it's sturdy looking but bulky. I prefer the normal lipbalm packaging because it's small. Also hopefully they can incorporate colors in next editions? Like natural pink or light red to attain a natural look. 

Will I buy again? Most probably yes if I don't find a better product than this. Even though it's a bit expensive and not locally available unless you shop them online or by bulk in S & R, it's a must buy for those who have dry lips like mine.

I recommend it to those people who wants to keep their lips moist but doesn't want the oily feeling that other lipbalms have.Ideal for teens who are not yet comfortable in using lip tints or lipsticks. Also for those makeup enthusiasts who like using liptints and lipsticks a lot since they tend to make your lips dry so why not apply it before putting on your fave lipstick color?

As of the moment, it's one of my must haves in my beauty kit. 

This is not a sponsored post.

Last January 30, 2015, SM Lanang invited some bloggers to their fashion event which featured 12 global brands namely Terranova, Memo,Forever 21, Promod, Marks & Spencer, Cotton On, Aeropostale, ForMe, Regatta, Penshoppe, Mossimo,  and Guess to show the latest trend for 2015.

Fashion blogger Camille Co styled different looks ranging from floral to minimalist to laidback silouettes.The event was more of a meet and greet session with Camille Co. I was excited to meet her in person since I have been following her blog for years now and to see her in flesh is a whole new level of fangirling. I really like interacting with co bloggers recently, specially those who are considered a senior in the industry since they really inspire me to do better with the things I do for my blog.

She shared that at first she was scared of being a blogger because maybe she will get harsh critisms and bashers will flock her blog but her now co blogger friend, Laureen Uy encouraged her to do it and then Camille tries to Blog was born.

After several months of "trying', her blog was a finalist at 2011 Nuffnang Asia Pacific blog in Fashion Blog category and numerous awards from different countries came after that. She worked with world known brands like Emoda, Pandora, Forever21 and Miss Selfridge.

She was asked a series of questions mostly about how she started her blog and what her personal style is. She considers her personal style as versatile because she doesn't want to constrain herself in a box. Her everyday outfit is very spontaneous and she admits that there are lazy days which are evident in her blog. Camille encouraged people to blog even during your lazy days because maybe other people may find your lazy get up fashionable.

After that, meet and greet was in action. From kids to teenagers to moms, Camille has a lot of fans that wanted to grab the opportunity to take a photo with her and she engaged small conversations along the way.

Thank you Miss Catherine Puno and Sm Lanang Premier for inviting me.

credits to : google.com

4 Minute's back with their 6th Mini Album entitled Crazy. It's a different side of four minute you need to see. They still maintained their sexy image bu this time with a hint of swag and hiphop.

The MV was black and white with a hint of color popping out every now and then. Personally, I really like the MV despite the lacking of color which was 4Minute was known for. Usually their MV is colorful and sexy, somtimes with cute concept or adult ones but I never saw them bring out this kind of concept before which I think is cool despite what netizens say since they're trying to expand their musicality.

As always Hyuna was over exposed in a way she had more airtime than most of her members, so much for being the face of the group. It's not that I don't like Hyuna, it's just some members *Jihyun* sing less and has less airtime. She's the leader for crying out loud! Oh Cube!I know they're all talented so don't go there netizens, I just want more exposure for her that's all. I think it's a good thing that she's the front line in their CD cover since she's not getting much attention.

Moving on, the MV is fun to watch and don't forget to buy their CDs but I know Kpop fans will buy the CD but download the album online because they don't want to scratch the CD, so you can download the album here.

HQ version of the MV for ultimate spazzing experience can be found here.

"Marsala enriches our mind,body and soul, exuiding confidence and stability. It's a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth." - Leatrice Elseman

1st #AbreezaFashionForum for 2015 was all about what's in for 2015. Talking about it means discussing the pantone color of the year. Marsala's the color pantone of the year, in lay man's term it's a mixture of brown and red which looks maroon but it has more brown tone to it than maroon.

The speaker was Otoi Mercado, a well known personality in Davao City when it comes to beauty and fashion.

He said the classic black and white will still reign 2015 alongside with denim, chambray, neoprene, cotton which is also considered a classic and the Chevron print. Gingham which I think is perfect for summer is in, it gives off that classy pin up girl look while for the guys it gives that instant preppy look.

For the accessories; natural materials is in. Shells, Wood, Natural Stones and maybe add some Metal to modernize the look would be perfect. Clutches are going strong for 2015 alongside with scarves which I believe is a must have especially when traveling. In addition, Wayfarer shades for guys.

Ballet flats for ladies and brogues for men.

When it comes to makeup, the dark smokey eyes look is a not that huge in 2015. Peach or Coral hues is in and eye makeup should look natural like no dark eye makeup, more of brown shades I believe? Thick eyebrows are still ok but on a lighter tone.

I love how he emphasized that at the end of the day, your personal style is the most important thing. "Trend is passing but style is always there." he said. Otoi defined personal style as to how you want to present yourself to the public.

Marsala is easy to match; from jeans to soft materials to printed materials to plain materials, he added. Marsala brings out the sexy you and it compliments morena skin which most Filipinas have.

So, are you in for 2015?

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What's in for 2015?

by on February 06, 2015
"Marsala enriches our mind,body and soul, exuiding confidence and stability. It's a subtly seductive shade, one that d...
Our manly Luhan is back with a new MV. He made a remake of a classic song entitled Tian Mi Mi which means Sweet as Honey as an OST for a movie which he's not a part of. Comrades: Almost a Love Story is the title of the movie which will be released a day before Valentines, February 13, 2015.

I find the MV refreshing and surreal. It's simple like you can make it with your friends kind of MV but it's naturally surreal. I don't know maybe because Luhan's in it and he makes my heart cray with whatever he does. The MV isn't making him manly at all, with the flower and his feminine features but he still looks handsome.  I want to use beautiful but you know he hates being called pretty.

credits to : The Dreamer

As of the moment,  it reminds me of Taeyang's, Eyes, Nose and Lips MV wherein there was no special effects whatnot,  no flashy clothes were worn, no extras were hired, but the way they portray the song catched our hearts. As of the moment,  it's my favourite MV of Luhan as a solo artist.

Sorry sorry for not updating that much in kpop anymore.  I'm busy with a lot of stuff. I'm having more responsibilities and I'm trying to live with it. I'll try my best to update every now and then but even I myself is not that updated with kpop anymore.

Luhan : Tian Mi Mi MV

by on February 04, 2015
Our manly Luhan is back with a new MV. He made a remake of a classic song entitled Tian Mi Mi which means Sweet as Honey as an OST for a mo...
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