Luhan : Tian Mi Mi MV

Our manly Luhan is back with a new MV. He made a remake of a classic song entitled Tian Mi Mi which means Sweet as Honey as an OST for a movie which he's not a part of. Comrades: Almost a Love Story is the title of the movie which will be released a day before Valentines, February 13, 2015.

I find the MV refreshing and surreal. It's simple like you can make it with your friends kind of MV but it's naturally surreal. I don't know maybe because Luhan's in it and he makes my heart cray with whatever he does. The MV isn't making him manly at all, with the flower and his feminine features but he still looks handsome.  I want to use beautiful but you know he hates being called pretty.

As of the moment,  it reminds me of Taeyang's, Eyes, Nose and Lips MV wherein there was no special effects whatnot,  no flashy clothes were worn, no extras were hired, but the way they portray the song catched our hearts. As of the moment,  it's my favourite MV of Luhan as a solo artist.

Sorry sorry for not updating that much in kpop anymore.  I'm busy with a lot of stuff. I'm having more responsibilities and I'm trying to live with it. I'll try my best to update every now and then but even I myself is not that updated with kpop anymore.
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