4Minute : Crazy MV + Crazy Album Download

credits to : google.com

4 Minute's back with their 6th Mini Album entitled Crazy. It's a different side of four minute you need to see. They still maintained their sexy image bu this time with a hint of swag and hiphop.

The MV was black and white with a hint of color popping out every now and then. Personally, I really like the MV despite the lacking of color which was 4Minute was known for. Usually their MV is colorful and sexy, somtimes with cute concept or adult ones but I never saw them bring out this kind of concept before which I think is cool despite what netizens say since they're trying to expand their musicality.

As always Hyuna was over exposed in a way she had more airtime than most of her members, so much for being the face of the group. It's not that I don't like Hyuna, it's just some members *Jihyun* sing less and has less airtime. She's the leader for crying out loud! Oh Cube!I know they're all talented so don't go there netizens, I just want more exposure for her that's all. I think it's a good thing that she's the front line in their CD cover since she's not getting much attention.

Moving on, the MV is fun to watch and don't forget to buy their CDs but I know Kpop fans will buy the CD but download the album online because they don't want to scratch the CD, so you can download the album here.

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