Evolution of Smooth : Rachel Roy Limited Edition Lip Balm Review

EOS lipbalms are a craze nowadays, I was suppose to buy one but when I learned it doesn't have a tint or color, I backed out. I look freakin pale with clear lipbalms so I tend to stay away from them unless they're gifts or cheap ones I buy at drugstores. Good thing my aunt gave it to me as a gift so now I have one and I can give you guys a review. YAY~ ? She gave me a limited edition one by Rachel Roy. 

Product Details : 

95% organic; 100% natural
- has Shea butter and Vitamin E
- Gluten Free
- Paraben Free
- Petrolatum Free
- Phthalate Free
Size : 0.25 oz 

credits to : http://evolutionofsmooth.com/
I really like how sturdy the case is and how it smells so good. It has a grip on the side so that you can easily twist the round case and it comes with a vibrant hot pink case which I think is good because usually my bags have a dark interior so I can easily spot it. I have been using lip smacker for 2 years now since my friend gave it to me and I like this one better because it makes my lips moisturized but it doesn't look too shiny nor does it feel too oily on my lips. 

I use lip balms before applying lip stains or colored lip balms to keep my lips moisturized because I have super dry lips and they tend to crack every now and then. Also it makes the lip products glide easily. I also use it before sleeping so I can have nice moist lips the next day. 

Pros : 
- have sturdy case
- organic
- keeps lips moisturized but do not have oily feeling
- comes in different fruity variants

Cons : 
- not available locally unless ordered from online shops or supermarkets that sell imported products. 
- sold in bulk; saw one in S&R and it has like 5 lip balms in one pack. 
- expensive here in the Philippines; 250 each

4/5 As much as it keeps their promise of moisturized lips, I wish their packaging will be less bulky. Yes it's sturdy looking but bulky. I prefer the normal lipbalm packaging because it's small. Also hopefully they can incorporate colors in next editions? Like natural pink or light red to attain a natural look. 

Will I buy again? Most probably yes if I don't find a better product than this. Even though it's a bit expensive and not locally available unless you shop them online or by bulk in S & R, it's a must buy for those who have dry lips like mine.

I recommend it to those people who wants to keep their lips moist but doesn't want the oily feeling that other lipbalms have.Ideal for teens who are not yet comfortable in using lip tints or lipsticks. Also for those makeup enthusiasts who like using liptints and lipsticks a lot since they tend to make your lips dry so why not apply it before putting on your fave lipstick color?

As of the moment, it's one of my must haves in my beauty kit. 

This is not a sponsored post.

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