The Hatasu Hero: Your Ultimate Solution is Here

Yesterday was the introduction of HATASU ebike's newest three-wheeler model, the HATASU HERO. This latest model, the Multi-Use, Easy Go three-wheeler ebike, is part of their expanding range of economical, high-quality, and environmentally friendly ebikes. It may be used for errands, domestic use, business, or even community riding.

Multi-Use, Easy Go with HATASU HERO!

The HATASU HERO is the ideal riding companion to save you from everyday travel needs. It has an attractive front design with its Front Splash Guard and Eagle-Eye Headlights that mimic the iconic superhero mask, a Patented Leather Roof and Back Cover that resemble a hero cape, and Upgraded Functional Features like superhero powers.

At a countrywide SRP of P64,990, the HATASU HERO is available in Black/Grey and All Black hues. Purchase today and get a limited-edition HATASU gift box valued at P1790.

Additionally, from November 15 to December 31, 2023, customers of the HATASU HERO will receive five raffle entries to the HATASU Holiwheels Raffle Promo.

For additional information on the raffle's workings, see the @HATASUPH Facebook page.

HATASU HERO saves the day!

With its purpose-built design to meet the everyday needs and common pain areas of Filipinos, HATASU HERO seeks to become the most useful and alternative mobility tool available to everyone. Our next video ad, "Sheesh! Paano?!" will highlight this. In it, we'll discuss the problems faced by various users and how the HATASU HERO may come to their rescue. HERO Sa Tahanan, HERO Sa Errand, HERO Sa Negosyo, HERO Sa Kalsada, HERO sa Barangay, and HERO Sa Service are among the groups we have.

● HERO in Errands

Everyone has probably had to run errands at some point in their lives, and we all know how annoying it can be, particularly if you're carrying a lot of stuff with you. You can enjoy doing errands with the HATASU HERO! Its Under Seat and Back Compartment are large enough to hold your groceries and other items. Its long handle bar and compact body make it simple to maneuver through congested, small streets that lead to several short-distance destinations.

● HERO in Household

A single vehicle can be a problem because different household members have different needs and destinations to visit. Every family member's needs will be met with the HATASU HERO! This is ideal for grandparents who want to go to the park, parents who need to pick up their children from school, and even the ate's and kuya's who will be hanging out with their friends because it is furnished with a patent leather roof and back cover, which ensures that you will be protected rain or shine.

Furthermore, the HATASU HERO can accommodate two to three persons and has a load capacity of 250 kg.

● HERO in the Streets

Are you in need of an affordable yet dependable alternative mobility solution? You can have both and more with HATASU HERO! With its powerful 650W differential motor and upgraded controller that provide instantaneous throttle acceleration, the HATASU HERO will also make you the road hero!

● HERO in the Community

Emergencies in the community are frequent and can occur at any time. Community needs will be met by the HATASU HERO! The HATASU HERO is equipped with a dual-purpose horn for emergency situations, a motorcycle suspension fork that improves steering control and can adjust to uneven roads, and a reverse light for added safety. It can also be used as a community vehicle for community transportation needs.

● HERO in Business

You run a successful small-to-medium-sized business, but are you unsure of how you'll fulfill orders going forward? Orders placed with HATASU HERO will reach your clients promptly and safely. In addition to its 250 kg load capacity and numerous storage options, the HATASU HERO can deliver multiple orders with ease thanks to its range of 60-70 km and speed of 20-25 kph.

● HERO in Service

Do you need a greener alternative service vehicle for your village, resort, or other establishments? This conundrum is solved by the HATASU HERO! In addition to not requiring gas, the HERO has an integrated larger front wheel for improved traction on the road and a stainless steel front fender that makes it corrosion-resistant, guaranteeing a safe ride around the area.

You can check out the full specification of the HATASU HERO below:

Interested to get your very own HATASU HERO? You can inquire at any HATASU Authorized Dealer Stores Nationwide or visit the Official HATASU LazMall Store at

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Hop On, HATASU Na!

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