Realme Buds T300 Review: Are They Worth the Hype?

realme is back with another set of gadgets that will surely make their way to your Christmas wishlist this 2023,1st is the realme 11,2nd is realme Pad 2 and their latest affordable earbuds, T300.

I love listening to music so earphones or earbuds is an essential in my life. I used to use the wired ones and I still use it at times but the convenience of owning a bluetooth earbuds really got me hooked recently. I love how I don't need to untangle wires and it would take days or even a week for me to charge it. 

With different brands releasing their own bluetooth earbuds, consumers can easily get overwhelmed as to what's the best one for their lifestyle.Since I tried realme's latest earbuds, I'm gonna share to you realme T300's top 5 features as to why it's my favorite earbuds as of the moment. 

First, it has Larger Dynamic Bass Driverwith a driver size that is 24% larger than the previous realme Buds, T300 can now generate a fuller, more immersive sound with deeper bass and better vocals for an added boost to the listening experience.

It makes use of N52 Magnets for increased sensitivity and a more potent output, an HTW Wire Coil for greater sound quality, and a titanium coating for a more sturdy diaphragm. Dynamic drivers are capable of producing powerful bass frequencies that are well-suited for genres like rock, hip-hop, and electronic music.

Second, it has Active Noise and Quad-Mic Call Noise Cancellation feature, apart from ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation), the gadget also produces opposing waves to cancel out unwanted external background noise at a maximum of 30dB, enabling a more immersive surround sound experience in the ears. In addition, it uses the DNN Neural Network as a noise reduction algorithm to recognize a person's speech and enhance call clarity by adjusting the voice in real time.

So this earbuds is not only perfect for watching your favorite series and movies but also during online classes and meetings. 

Third, it has 40-Hour Playback Time and Fast Charging, 40 hours of continuous listening duration (with ANC off and volume set to 50%) thanks to the integrated battery found in the gadget and its parts.

The earbuds' theoretical calling time is at least 4 hours. Up to 7 hours of total playback time (with volume at 50% and ANC off) can be achieved by charging the earbuds in their charging case for just 10 minutes; however, up to 4 hours can be achieved by charging the earbuds directly in the charging case for 10 minutes.

NOTE: Charges using Type C.

NOTE: With ANC set to 50% volume, the device can playback for up to 30 hours when the charging case is included, or up to 6 hours each earbud on a single charge.

With these features,I don't have to charge it often if I don't use it heavily so it's less hassle for the users and it charges using type C which is common for gadgets these days.

Fourth is it is IP55 Dust & Water Resistant. It received certification and assurance for level 5 Dust and level 5 Water (Splash) resistance, providing further piece of mind by shielding the device from elements like perspiration, rain, and grime that might potentially harm it.

NOTE: The charging case is not covered by this; only the earphones themselves are.

As someone that's clutz, I really appreciate gadgets that are dust and water resistant most especially it's raining in Davao every afternoon and or night these past few months so I'm more confident in using this product everyday.

Lastly, it has Intelligent Touch Controls. Some motions enable the performance of specific tasks: Double tap to play, pause, or end a call; triple tap to move on to the next track; press and hold one earbud for two seconds to switch between the transparency and noise control modes; press and hold both earphones for four seconds to initiate pairing mode.

NOTE: The realme Link App allows you to view and modify gestures and other features.

Other notable features that realme T300 has :

Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity with 50ms Super Low Latency - Supports Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which makes it possible to connect to linked Bluetooth devices more quickly and firmly. Additionally, this enables the gadget to fulfill its 50ms Super Low Latency promise. Activating Gaming Mode will allow you to experience a truly seamless streaming experience with nearly flawless audio and video synchronization. This will allow you to reach the full 50ms latency.

NOTE: Additionally employs Low Latency Binaural Simultaneous Transmission to help reduce latency to 50 ms.

360° Spatial Audio Effect - Each earbud in the gadget contains an inbuilt microprocessor that allows it to autonomously create a 360° surround sound experience for the user, providing a more immersive audio experience akin to that of a theater or movie theater.

Supports Dolby Atmos - Enables immersive stereo surround sound to enhance the auditory experience of ingested media, including games, films, and music. This function can only be used with a device that has Dolby Atmos support installed.

NOTE: AAC and SBC audio codecs are supported; the Bluetooth wireless range is 10 meters.

Google Fast Pair - Equipped with Google Fast Pair, it can instantly identify and establish a connection with a suitable device with only a single click.

As for the question above, is it worth the hype? With all these amazing features, for it's price tag of P1,599, I believe this earbuds is worth every peso.

It's available in 2 colors : Stylish Black and Youthful White

Since 11.11 and Holiday season is fast approaching, I know more deals are up for grabs so better check out their official stores at Lazada and Shopee.

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