Primo Pop Grill Davao

Primo is not a new restaurant in Davao, it was Primo Cafe and Grille in 2012 that sells pastas and steaks. They revamped the place and their menu. Now, they offer Filipino dishes with heavy asian

I love that the place is newly renovated.If you're looking for a place to unwind with your family or friends, you better check out this place.

The food is really really good. Like I took a lot of photos of their food and I'm not sure if I did justice in conveying how good it is.

My ultimate favorites would be their Salted Egg Shrimp,Crispy Pata,Primo Arroz Caldo and their desserts.

Halo-Halong Chicaron Php180

Tuna Tataki Lettuce Wrap Php340

Their Salted Egg Shrimp maybe a bit pricey but it's worth every peso. The sauce is not overpowering the shrimp and the shrimp was cooked to perfection. Whereas their Crispy Pata is super crispy and
delicious even without the sauces.

Primo Batchoy Php220

Primo Arroz Caldo Php180

Primo Style Sinuglaw Php260

I want to suggest that their Primo Arroz Caldo can be your next comfort food. I'm trying to cut my rice intake but I'm glad I did try a few spoonfuls of this dish. The rice porridge itself is already really really tasty and don't forget to try the chicken inasal with the porridge.The perfect food for cold weather. Thinking about it makes me want to go back to Primo ASAP.

Primo Pancit Php240
I love desserts! I have a sweet tooth so I tried all of their desserts and I must say I love them all.

The Cheese and Corn Bread Pudding is perfect for those who want to eat something sweet but not overly sweet. They paired it up with vanilla ice cream which I must say is a perfect combination. I want to takeout one order of the Cheese and Corn Bread Pudding and but a gallon of vanilla ice cream.

Salted Egg Shrimp Php380

The Durian Brulee is ideal to those who love durian. Some of the guests who are from Manila said that the durian taste is too strong.

Maybe because I love Durian too much that I don't mind at all.Maybe you can ask the chef to lessen the durian?

Classic Crispy Pata Php660
Lastly their turon is also a must try.It's the best tasting turon I have tasted, it's like the usual turon you buy on the sidewalk level up version because it has cream cheese. I wish they have a bigger serving of the ube ice cream or request for an additional ice cream.

These 2 dishes recommended by their chef will make Primo Pop Grill unique, first is their Tuna Tataki Lettuce Wrap.My friends who ate them really loved this dish.I have raw fish intolerance, I'm not sure if there's such a word or terminology but I can't eat raw fish without having to face the consequences later so I decided not to try it even though it looks really enticing.

Cheese and Corn Bread Pudding Php120

Durian Creme Brulee Php160

Turon ala Mode Php140

Another dish is their Do-It-Yourself Grill where you get to choose different kinds of pork,chicken,beef and fish and seafoods. It is served with unlimited rice, two choices of diy banchan or side dishes and two choices of diy sauces (unli refill). They have 11 different sauces and 8 different banchans you can choose from.

The only way to see and taste if what I'm saying is real, visit Primo Pop Grill located at J. Camus St. corner General Luna Street, Davao City.

Don't forget to like their Facebook Page, for future promotions.                                     

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