Morissette is Made in Davao Q&A

Morissette Made in Davao is fast approaching and I’m super excited to hear her live. 

Here’s a quick Q&A from Asia’s Phoenix,Morissette Amon :

1. What can Davaoeños expect from your upcoming concert?

Morissette promises to always give her best for her audiences. “I am very excited to be coming back to Davao and to be bringing MADE there, plus our collaboration with special guest Darren Espanto is definitely something to look forward to”, she said. 

2. What is your favorite line from your recent favorite Visayan song? Why? - 

Morissette’s current favorite Visayan song is 'Puhon' originally by Kurt Fick. “I fell in love with it because it's such a relatable song. The song is about being patient for love, and I'm always inspired singing the lines "Ang gugma nga pang- now or never will be over to fast.. Mao nang ako, I'd rather wait for kanang the kind of love that will last." And Morissette believe that's true. 

3. How do you bounce back from any roadblock that you encounter when performing live on stage? 

“It's accepting that anything can happen especially when it's 'live', and that I am only human” Morissette says. She learns from those experiences and be better next time. But she emphasizes that preparation is really important, in case any surprises would come along.

Want to hear Morissette sing on September 2 but no budget?

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