Korea 2015 Part 1

Going to Korea is one of my lifelong dreams since I'm a huge kpop and korean drama fan. Last year, I went to Korea specifically Seoul with my family for a 9 day vacation trip. I really wanted to go here since 2008 so being able to go there made me so happy that I’ll make a three part travel diary post about my trip.

 We arrived at Incheon around 7pm and purchased our train tickets to Seoul using T-Money. A friend of mine told me it’s cheaper (by 100 won) and more convenient if you buy the T-Money card at the convenience store since you don't need to buy single journey ticket everytime you ride any public transportation, just top it up when you think that your balance in the card is not enough. You can refund the card at the same convenience store where you bought it if you are going back to your home country. The remaining balance can be refunded after a 500 won service charge deduction. 

Hotteok (호떡) – Fried pancake that's filled with either sugar, vegetables or meat with vegetables. It depends on the stall actually. It's a popular snack during winter. .

EXO endorsing Pepero. Seriously EXO is everywhere in Korea.

T-money can be used on public buses and subways in several different metropolitan cities and locations including Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Daejeon, Incheon, Daegu and Busan. 

On our first day, we went to Namdaemun, wherein you can shop various items from clothes, toys, accessories and a lot more at affordable prices. Even the locals shop here since it’s the largest traditional market in Korea. 

We were lost on our way home and we stumbled upon Bank of Korea Money Museum / Bank of Korea Gallery.The museum was entertaining even for the kids because there were interactive games where they have hands on education. I immediately went to the gallery, there were about 4,500 domestic and international currencies displayed. The museum is open from 10am to 5pm and admission is free but the museum is closed on Mondays. 

Can't help but take a photo of TOP. <3

Remember Eurongie and Baby? [EXO Showtime Ep7]

Let’s not forget my favorite shopping area in Seoul, Myeongdong. Unlike Namdaemun, this shopping district sells a lot of designer brands. Big shopping malls like Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae can also be found here. If you love fashion and beauty products then this is heaven for you. 

Hello Baekhyunnie~

EXO Merchandise

Stylenanda clothes. Super cute that you can't choose which one to buy.

It makes you want to purchase all their shoes and make you feel like you're Park Sora.

Don't forget to stop by at Daiso. It's a haven for a cheapskate like me. They sell really cute items for cheap price. I bought my cute band aids ( Pororo, Hello Kity, Doraemon )here for 2,000 per box. Actually they sell a wide array of items like household items, beauty products, school supplies, food and such. 

Lonely Shoes

Another must visit is Olive Young. Olive Young is drug store that sells health supplements, cosmetics and food. It’s similar to Watsons. Cosmetic Brands like Kate, Peripera, Clio, Maybelline, Majolica Majorca and Revlon can be found here. So a must visit for makeup junkies.If your desired product is on sale. Buy it. They change their sale items every now and then.

D.O, Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

Forget your diet for the street food here is a must try. From Crepe to Corndogs to Fresh Fruits to Eommuk.

Dalgona (달고나) – Another street snack that's made of white sugar and baking soda. Saw it on EXO Showtime ep 7, so I tried it myself and I find it too sweet for my liking.

Was suppose to buy one for the sake of EXO-M OT6 but it's so freaking expensive, I believe the 55,000 has only 10 masks.

Kpop socks. I spy Luhannie ~
When in Myeongdong area, don’t forget to drop by Lotte Young Plaza. The first shopping mall dedicated for casual wear for young people. SM Stans can purchase their merchandise at the SM Town Stardium. Stylenanda clothes, makeup and shoes can also be found at Lotte Young Plaza. 

Strawberry Banana Crepe
If you’re lost, ask around. Koreans are very helpful. Even though some of them can't really speak good English, they will try to show you the map or just use hand gestures or basic English will do.

Hotdog + Fries

Yummy sushi reward to those who read this post.

And that’s the first part of my three part travel diary in Korea. Watch out for my second one, arachi?
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