Koffiepauze Grand ReOpening

Born out of the usual search for tambayan, cousins started the idea of owning their own coffee shop where they can hangout at the same time earn money. It became an income generating family tambayan now known as Koffiepauze.

Koffiepauze, a dutch word means "coffee break" re opened their shop last January 8, 2016.

Koffiepauze Beverage Menu

Sweet and Sour Fish
Lasagna : a must try
Their former location was at Palmetto Condo in Maa. Koffiepauze's new location is bigger and better since it's located at downtown area specifically at Ground Floor,100 Roxas Ave Dormitory., Roxas Ave, Davao City.

Cordon Bleu

Kani Salad
They serve pasta,salad, rice meals, sandwiches and short orders. My personal favourite would be the lasagna, cordon bleu and nachos.  The price range is from 90 to 180 pesos. Serving is worth the price. Hopefully I can try their waffles in my next visit. I consider waffles as my comfort food ^_^

Nachos is <3
Breaded Porkchop

Whereas for their beverage menu they offer the usual coffee based and non coffee based drinks served hot, iced or blended. Smoothies, Tea Coolers and Soda are also available.

Aside from their delicious and affordable food and drinks,  their place is ideal for study sessions or a place to hang out with friends. Koffiepauze wants to provide their clients a relaxed and comfortable break from the busy daily grind.

Visit Koffiepauze at Ground Floor,100 Roxas Ave Dormitory., Roxas Ave, Davao City because everybody deserves a coffee break. Don't forget to like their Facebook page, koffie.pauze.davao for promos and updates.

Food Menu

Carbonara Php 155
Spaghetti Php 145
Pesto Php 140
Lasagna Php 155

Greek Salad Php 145
Khani Salad Php 150
Caesar Salad Php 140

All Day Rice Meals
(Served with rice, egg and iced tea. Add Php20 for coffee.)
Beef Tapa Php 165
Hungarian Sausage Php 165
Bangus Php 150
Chicken Teriyaki Php 155
Sweet and Sour Fish Php 150
Cordon Bleu Php 160
Breaded Pork Chop Php 160
Broccoli and Tofu w/ Peanut Butter Sauce Php 140

Tuna Sandwich Php 120
Ham and Cheese Sandwich Php 125
Full House Sandwich Php 155

Short Orders
Waffles Php 90
Waffles ala Mode Php 135
Nachos Php 150
Cheese Sticks Php 140
French Fries Php 135
Pica Platter Php 180

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