US Potato Safari in Davao

Last December, I have been invited by US Potato Safari. It is a campaign by US Potato Board to celebrate and support local restaurants,along with the challenge to develop new dishes that will delight customers by incorporating potato in every dish. US Potato Safari started last 2014 and this year the event took place here in Davao City. 

It partnered with 3 local restaurants namely Claude's Le CafĂ© de Ville Restaurant, Polo Bistro Restaurant and Vinta Bar. I was not able to experience the whole Potato Safari because of work so I was only able to join them during dinner at Vinta Bar and Polo Bistro Pool Lounge. 

Vinta Bar, a cozy and classy place located at Waterfront Insular Hotel. Perfect place to relax and chill since its near Davao Gulf.  

For USPB, Chef Victor Barangan, a man with 16 years of experience in hotel and restaurant management prepared a 5 course meal. 

Bacon and US Potato Roll with Miso Peaches

For their appetizer, the prepared Bacon and US Potato Roll with Miso Peaches.I believe its their rendition of Bacon wrapped Asparagus Bundles. Instead of being grilled, this one's fried and it has a sweet sauce, the Miso Peaches also makes the dish distinct and interesting.
US Potato and Corn Bisque

As for the soup, the consistency is moderate, not too creamy, not too thin which is good because not all people like creamy soup. Though I wish that the corn taste would dominate the creaminess of the soup.
Hot Crab Salad

 The salad is light at the same time savory in taste. I believe its an upgraded version of Kani Salad. It's an upgraded version of the usual Kani Salad, this one's with a twist since the red balls are not tomatoes but watermelon. It fascinates me how the fruit blended well with the salad.
Surf and Turf

I was really happy when I saw the main course since I'm a huge fan of seafood. The breading for the shrimp was just right, not too thick, not too thin. For the meat, it was medium rare. I'm not a huge fan of medium rare but because the sauce was so good I finished the steak though I hoped it had more sauce. 
Green Tea Dorayaki

Dorayaki  is a type of Japanese confection, red-bean pancake which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castella wrapped around a filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste.For Potato Safari, Chef Victor his own version of Dorayaki.Green Potato Pancake with Vanilla and Durian Ice cream. The pancake is not the usual light and fluffy pancakes because he also infused potatoes in making the pancake.

My personal favourite would be the salad, main course and of course the dessert!

Polo Bistro Pool Lounge, an ideal getaway place to those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city but too lazy to drive for hours. It's located at Marco Polo Hotel, their menu changes with the season for they are committed that customers deserve the freshest and best ingredients. 

Chef Alex Destriza, the Executive Sous Chef of Marco Polo Hotel,prepared a 4 course meal for USPB. A salad, soup, main course and dessert.

US Potato and Shrimp Cake

The Shrimp Cake included in the salad is the most legitimate shrimp cake I have ever tasted. Some have too much extender and breading but this one's packed with shrimpy goodness.
US Mashed Potato Soup infused with Turmeric

The soup was light but nonetheless good and when you get to taste the turmeric, it's perfect. Consistency of the soup is just right.  
Honey Caramelized Pork Spareribs

As for the main course, I like the fact that the Pork Spareribs has minimal fat and it was grilled to perfection. What I don't like about the dish is the sauce since I am not a huge fan of balsamic sauces even in salad.

US Potato Strawberry Cheesecake

Dessert was interesting because it's not the usual strawberry cheesecake wherein the crust is graham crackers, they actually made crust using potatoes. Also the strawberry is infused with the cake. Who would have thought potatoes can be included in desserts?

My personal favourite for this meal would be the salad and soup.

Potatoes are not only delicious and versatile but they are also healthy. It is a great source of potassium and B6. Rich in complex carbohydrates and they are naturally gluten free.It's the first US Potato Safari in Davao so better try it before the menu ends in March.

Thank you US Potato Board for choosing Davao and for letting me experience US Potato Safari 2015.

For more information about US Potatoes, visit or You can aso call Ms. Reji Onal at +63 2 534 8534 or +63 2 534 8223.

Marco Polo Davao Hotel
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Fax. (63 82) 225-0111

Waterfront Insular Hotel
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