Frog Kaffee and Roastery Davao Grand Opening

Philippines' 1st Austrian coffeeshop named Frog Kaffee opened last December 18,2015. Austria is famous for their coffee houses or cafes. Ever since the 17th century, Coffee in Austria is being served with passion. Coffee houses in Vienna ranks the oldest in the Western World.

Frog Kaffee serves coffee in different variations. They have the classic espresso based coffee like latte, cappuccino and mocha.Espresso coffee cocktails,coffee mixed with Bailey's and Martini are also served alongside with Hand Brewed Artisan Coffee.

It's a bit new to me since I only encountered chocolate with alcohol not coffee with alcohol. If you're up for something new with a kick, why not try their Iced Espresso Martini that would surely wake you up. It comes with a Ferrero Rocher on top btw.

Vienna Sachetorte

They serve cakes that coffee cakes that would surely compliment the coffee of your choice. Vienna Sachertorte is their signature cake which is a must even if you're not a chocoholic.

Worried over what to order? Don't fret because their staff is knowledgeable, they can recommend a coffee that will suit your taste.

Iced Espresso Martini or James Bond's "Pick Me Up"

The coffee shop gives off a homey vibe because of their furniture at the same time it's something new and refreshing in terms of their menu. A perfect place to catch up with your friends or family over the weekend.

Chat & Chews

FROFKaffee Breakfast Special P330
(Sausage, Tomato, Egg, Baked Beans, Baguette, House Coffee)
French Toast P105
Spaghetti Beef & Mushroom Bolognese P230
Penne alia Carbonara P190
Lasagna Beef with Bechamel Sauce P240
Lasagna Eggplant P180
Fritatta Chorizo/Potato P160
Fritatta Potato P150
Panini Spicy Tuna Melt P160
Panini Vegetarian Style 140

Sweets & Home Baked Cakes
Vienna Sachetorte P150
Cappuccino Cheesecake P140
Espresso Cake P130
Coffee Sandwich Cake P130
Cocomo Cheesecake P130

Hand Brewed Artisan Coffee
V60/ Kalita P140
Aeropress P140
Siphon P280
Chemex P270
Ice Drip Cold Brew Coffee P170

Classic Espresso Based Coffee
Espresso Classic P110
Espresso Classic Doppio P120
Espresso Macchiato P120
Latte Cafe Caramel P155
Americano P135
Cappuccino Classic Regular P150 | Picollo P135
Latte Classic Regular P150 | Picollo P135
Cafe Mocha B or W Regular P155 | Picollo P140

Special Espresso Coffee Mixes - Cocktails
Caff'e Espresso Nutella P155
Iced Espresso Shakerato P125
Yogurt Espresso P180
Iced Bailey's Espresso P150
Iced Espresso Granita P155
Iced Espresso Martini P190
Affogato Bailey's P210
Affogato Marocchino P185

Alternative Drink

Mango Banana P120
Malunggay Pineapple Honey P120
Pineapple Banana P120

Espresso Frappe P165
Espresso Cookie Crumble P175
Espresso Banana Frappe P175

Pepsi Cola P50
Tropicana - Apple Sparkling P45
Ice Tea P95
Black and Green Tea P120
Carrot Pineapple Cucumber P95
Carrot Pineapple P95

Visit them at Prime Square, F. Torres St. Davao City and don't forget to like their Facebook page for promos and contests.

The opening event and PR were planned and managed by PREP (PR, Events and Promotions). Visit their website and portfolio by clicking this link -

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